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Preparing For The Geo Challenge 2.0

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  • Preparing For The Geo Challenge 2.0

    We are starting all over from the ground up. This years contest looks to be even better than last. After all that's the whole point isn't it? Were making some significant changes to the challenge this year.

    Team registration is expected to be available in June. Teams of 3 will apply again, as it worked well last year. For more information keep an eye on the Geo Challenge Website

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    Re: Gearing Up For The Geo Challenge

    Can you give a run-down of how last years event went? Like who competed, what the actual event was like, that sorta stuff?


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      Re: Preparing For The Geo Challenge 2.0

      I should have all the details up on the website soon, regardless this years contest will be a bit different from last years.

      Heres the basics from last year..

      Teams registered (12 teams total), and met at the contest booth 1pm Friday to get badges and logins. A set of trivia comprised the first 15 items. Then a set of number and cipher puzzles comprised the next 5 items. Trivia consisted of these topics (Vegas, Hacking/Phreaking, Defcon).

      At puzzle #24 teams received a GPS coordinate that lead them to a location outside the hotel where a fake lawn sprinkler was embedded into the ground with a twist off top. Inside was a note with instructions. We actually had 2 teams were looking for this item at the same time, one found the item, opened and replaced the note without the other noticing.

      Teams who reached this puzzle received RFID readers the next morning in the contest area. Further puzzles were made in 2 parts. First a puzzle that produced a GPS coordinate, then a cleverly disguised geocache embedded with RFID at the GPS location. RFID codes put into the website once scanned from the cache unlocked additional puzzles.

      One team finished a large majority of puzzles last year in the first 9 hours. We actually had to produce additional caches and place them out on the strip late that night because the team was approaching finishing so quickly.

      We had 2 teams complete the game, and a 3rd place team who completed 28 of 32 items.

      Each member of the first place team received a set of MythBusters gear. (Autographed props from the "What is Bulletproof" episode and certificates of authenticity signed by Jamie and Adam Savage). 1st and 2nd place team members received Freescale microchip development kits valued at $130 each, and 6 packs of Bawls energy drinks, random shirts and prizes. 3rd Place team received their choice of a few items (shirts, stickers, dual core cd's, dvds ect)

      I will be posting photos of the teams, prizes, some of the geocaches, and a few of the puzzles in the example puzzle section of the website.


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        Re: Preparing For The Geo Challenge 2.0


        It sounds like an awesome event and I'm sure this year will be even better than last.

        I hope the trivia questions are configured in a manner that people can't get "stuck" by not having been to DEFCON before or being noobs, but I'm sure you've thought of that already. I'm guessing there is a game path to be taken for people of varying levels of skill and knowledge, and perhaps some social encouragement? Tell people who can't figure out answers to questions that perhaps they should track down someone specific who can answer it for them? Could help get teams meeting new and interesting people...

        Really cool event, excited to see how it turns out this year. Definitely going to keep an eye on it.


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          Re: Preparing For The Geo Challenge 2.0

          So its official, I've talked with the Myth Busters office, and the Geo Challenge will be offering Myth Busters Swag and Maybe something else special to the winners of the contest.

          Im still assembling puzzles and gathering prizes and the clocking is ticking.

          If you plan to compete you will most likely need a laptop to solve some of the puzzles.
          So make sure someone on your team has one with them.


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            Re: Preparing For The Geo Challenge 2.0

            Is pre-registration still open?


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              Re: Preparing For The Geo Challenge 2.0

              Originally posted by [Syntax] View Post
              We are starting all over from the ground up.
              Did anyone else catch that pun? It's about stuff underground. HA!