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What is the Geo Challenge?

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  • What is the Geo Challenge?

    Simply put the Geo Challenge is a puzzle solving & geo caching contest.

    Teams of 2 or 3 (no more no less)
    Smart Phone (Iphone, Ipad, Win Mobile, Blackberry ect..)
    GPS Enable Device

    Each teams receive a login to the contest website, where a puzzle, trivia, cipher,
    or GPS coordinate will be given.

    GPS coordinates will lead teams out to locations on the Vegas Strip where
    geo caches will be hidden. Some may be easily visible, others hidden or disguised
    as every day items.

    Submitting a correct solution to the website will unlock another puzzle.
    Each puzzle is timed. Points are awarded for solving a puzzle, team to solve each
    puzzle the quickest, and bonus puzzles.

    Multiple technologies, skills, or knowledge may be required to solve each puzzle.

    How to register:
    Registration will begin about a month before Defcon. A post will appear on the forums,
    as well as a registration form on the website. This is a pre-registration. Full registration
    will begin at our booth on Friday morning. Game play will begin sometime Friday afternoon
    and last all weekend.

    This year will be the 2nd year for the Defcon Geo Challenge.
    Last year we asked Adam Savage to donate prizes for our contest, not only did we get
    prizes but he came to speak at the con as well..

    Prizes and Cache photos from last year are on the GeoChallenge website.
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