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First Meeting! (Update)

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  • First Meeting! (Update)

    I’m happy to announce that a venue & time has been found for the first DC802 meeting. Mark your calendar for Saturday May 22 from 1-5PM at Champlain Colleges Hauke Family Campus Center in Room 005. I’m currently working on the agenda but here is the sketch schedule of events.

    1:15-1:30: Jesse’s short remarks, regarding DC802 current state and possible future.
    1:30-2:15: “Something Wireless Security Related” presented by Thorn
    2:15-2:30: Break
    2:30-3:15: “Escalating privileges through Secondary Logon (RunAs) processes” presented by grep8000
    3:15-3:30: Break
    3:30-4:15: “What hacker research taught me” presented by Sergey Bratus
    4:15-5:00: Show & Tell, General Discussion…

    If you have any questions please let us know at and check out the website
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    Re: First Meeting! (Update)

    Once you get a regular schedule, you can post your DCG as a recurring event in the forums. That gets exported as an ical event calendar. Post your DCG meeting times in the "Public" calendar, since the convention calendar is for conventions and the History calendar is for historical events.


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      Re: First Meeting! (Update)

      As a followup, we had our first meeting as Agent X posted above. About 30 people showed up, and everyone seemed to have a good time, and hopefully everyone learned something.

      AgentX deserves a lot of credit for getting this up and running. Thanks X!
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