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  • Desire to register thread...

    Post your desires here....
    Man I love robots. Except for that one. Sucks.
    1981 really wasn't a good year for me.

    That idiot Bob tried to steal my thunder. Jerk.

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    <jaku> You will be found and captured
    <LosT^> Leaving the channel open
    <flirzan> you going to post here or on the website?
    <LosT^> :)
    <AJolly> quick, send out MD kidnap squads
    <PunkAB> There's an app for that....
    <jaku> no really we do have an app for that
    <AJolly> well, there were some fun gsm tracking talks lately...
    <jaku> i gotta stop making apps
    <AJolly> so yeah, we do have an app :)
    <PunkAB> *grin*
    <LosT^> Zai jian
    <LosT^> :)
    <PunkAB> Hey, my thought stands though. Let's all get together sometime at/post con and chat with LosT about his ideas...
    [INFO] You are now marked as away (back soon). Click the nickname button or use the |/back| command to return from being away.
    <jaku> yah not a bad idea
    <jaku> :)
    <flirzan> wait
    <flirzan> I have a better idea
    <jaku> give me money?
    <flirzan> we could have a MysteryCon
    <PunkAB> Give LosT money?
    <PunkAB> Ummmm. What's that mean?
    <AJolly> im having a jollycon
    <flirzan> you have to solve the challenge to figure out where/when it is...
    <PunkAB> lol
    <PunkAB> That'll drive the caterers nuts!
    <flirzan> no doubt
    <PunkAB> You know, one thought I had was to really expand the MC outside of the con.
    <PunkAB> Like now, we have a lot of time we could be solving stuff, that you would need at con....
    <flirzan> outside the timeframe of the con, you mean?
    <flirzan> or outside the riv?
    <PunkAB> Oooooh. Good idea. Both.
    <flirzan> cause's hot in vegas in july
    <flirzan> and I don't want to go outside
    <PunkAB> There are strip clubs. We could make references to the "mysterious chest"...
    <flirzan> rofl
    <flirzan> you just made me spit pasta on my keyboard
    <AJolly> arnt we supposed to all hide from the sun?
    <PunkAB> What's a sun?
    <flirzan> male offspring
    <AJolly> heh, i am a bad hacker and go outside to the beach
    <PunkAB> Aaaah. Yes, hide from them.
    <flirzan> I"m watching mine play battlefield bad company 2 at the moment
    <PunkAB> Cool game?
    <flirzan> single player is fun, if formulaic
    <flirzan> multiplayer has some REALLY nasty lag issues on the PS3
    <flirzan> either that or every server I join is just crap...
    <flirzan> but fun
    <PunkAB> yeah, I finally broke down and bought a 360 a few months back.
    <flirzan> my kids keep bugging me to get one
    <flirzan> but I figure they can be happy with a ps3 and a wii
    <PunkAB> I dig it. Played Fallout 3 and it's creepy because I live in D.C.
    <flirzan> fallout 3 is awesome
    <flirzan> can't wait for new vegas in the fall
    <PunkAB> *nod* And eerily close to what D.C. actually looks like. Had to do a double take in the Metro once.
    <flirzan> heheheh
    <PunkAB> One of my friends had a skeleton made for her, she dated one of the developers.
    <flirzan> neat
    <PunkAB> She won't say which one, though. I think the guy made it embarrassing.
    <PunkAB> Like it was on a toilet with jet in it's mouth or something.
    <flirzan> hahaha
    <PunkAB> Hehe.
    <PunkAB> Ok, I'm going to drop off for a bit.
    <flirzan> maybe it was actually one of the hookers at that one dude's place...
    <flirzan> alright, later
    <PunkAB> Good luck registering everyone! If we don't chat, see you at the con!
    <PunkAB> <-- Goes AFK to get fully caffeinated....
    -->| jakulikes (~0) has joined #MysteryChallenge
    <jakulikes> ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone...
    <flirzan> who was phone?
    |<-- jakulikes has left efnet (Client Quit)
    -->| Yen (~t2) has joined #MysteryChallenge
    -->| EvilPacke (~5) has joined #MysteryChallenge
    <Yen> so
    <Yen> today being today, is there a path to registration opened?
    <PunkAB> follow the yellow brick road.
    <PunkAB> hehe
    <Yen> but I'm colorblind! :D
    <PunkAB> Ummm. Follow the greyish-brown boulevard?
    <EvilPacke> How is everyone this fine 10 5 7 evening?
    <Yen> very much alive
    <EvilPacke> fantastic
    <PunkAB> Good, good...
    <EvilPacke> enjoy a little pi while we wait
    <jodell> e 4 life YO
    |<-- Yen has left efnet (Quit: Leaving.)
    -->| Yen (~t2) has joined #MysteryChallenge
    -->| YenTheIdl (y) has joined #MysteryChallenge
    |<-- Yen has left efnet (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
    <EvilPacke> We're no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I. A full commitment's what I'm thinking of. You wouldn't get this from any other guy.
    <EvilPacke> I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
    <EvilPacke> Gotta make you understand
    <PunkAB> lol
    <EvilPacke> tough crowd
    |<-- jodell has left efnet (m)
    |<-- ace1 has left efnet (m)
    <LosT^> Wow,
    <LosT^> shocked so many of you are still here
    <LosT^> :)
    <AJolly> we are patient
    <flirzan> we're loyal
    <flirzan> and patient
    <flirzan> and lonely...
    <flirzan> so lonely...
    * AJolly throws flirzan a cookie
    <PunkAB> Bored.
    <PunkAB> lol
    <flirzan> actually, my wife just brought me real cookies, so I'll pretend one of them came from you
    <PunkAB> It was either this, or sleep.
    <flirzan> thanks
    <AJolly> we dont sleep when we compete in the MB challenge...why would we sleep now?
    <flirzan> whit choclate macadamia nut, my favorite...
    <PunkAB> It's like training for con....
    <flirzan> hahahaha
    <LosT^> Wow, it'd be a really dick move if I went to sleep :)
    <LosT^> lolz
    <flirzan> "sorry honey, no sex tonight, I'm in training..."
    <LosT^> heck like I sleep at con anyway
    <PunkAB> I'm geographically close to you if you're in D.C.
    <LosT^> under the table doesn't count
    <PunkAB> I will try and find where you're sleeping.
    <PunkAB> lol
    <flirzan> stalker...
    <PunkAB> I prefer to call it obsessive compulsive social disorder.
    <PunkAB> *grin*
    <flirzan> hehe
    <YenTheIdl> sleeping under the table...sounds like something you'd do with illegal immigrants
    <EvilPacke> or what you do when you don't have a room at defcon.
    <PunkAB> So how was the movie the second time, LosT?
    <LosT^> It was alright I guess
    <flirzan> worth the $27?
    <LosT^> heh
    <LosT^> I love movies
    <LosT^> ;)
    <flirzan> (I'm extrapolating price based on the last time I went to the theater...)
    <LosT^> I *LOVE* movies
    <PunkAB> Oh no...
    <LosT^> what is everyone doing by the way?
    <EvilPacke> fantastic!
    <flirzan> watching movies
    <PunkAB> Drinking Mountain Dew and watching the Riddick Trilogy
    <flirzan> pulp fiction here
    <PunkAB> (ok, so there's a wee bit of whiskey involved as well)
    <flirzan> with cookies and soda
    <flirzan> sorry, allll out of vodka
    -->| jodell_ (~jt) has joined #MysteryChallenge
    <AJolly> i wish i could say something cool, like writing new 0-day, but im just browsing fatwallet
    <PunkAB> So, LosT, particular to 80's flicks?
    <LosT^> I'm sure you could guess
    <YenTheIdl> pretending to program
    <PunkAB> Labrynth?
    <EvilPacke> no no no sixteen candles
    <PunkAB> Revenge of the Nerds!
    <PunkAB> lol
    <flirzan> I <3 molly ringwald
    <AJolly> quick, go watch every 80's movie
    <AJolly> it might be a clue!
    <flirzan> already did
    <PunkAB> Netflix is gonna hate us....
    <AJolly> sadly, im only half joking
    <EvilPacke> haha
    <AJolly> one day LosT^ is going to realize he can use the mystery challenge to get us all to do real work for him
    <PunkAB> Lost Boys?
    <LosT^> Real work?
    <LosT^> You're a genius.
    <flirzan> Real genius?
    <flirzan> also a good movie...
    <PunkAB> *nod* Agreed.
    <EvilPacke> 5
    <flirzan> 101
    <EvilPacke> lol
    <flirzan> |0|
    <EvilPacke> touchdown
    <flirzan> \m/
    <PunkAB> Hmmm....
    <PunkAB> Rudy?
    <PunkAB> lol
    <flirzan> another good flick...
    -->| snowchyld (t) has joined #MysteryChallenge
    <flirzan> I'm pretty damn far from ok
    <PunkAB> Lost in America?
    <flirzan> Lost in Translation?
    <PunkAB> (1985, Albert Brooks)
    <LosT^> I really enjoy robots
    === The nickname “WhoAmI” is already in use, use the /nick command to pick a new one.
    <YenTheIdl> "short circuit"
    =-= YOU are now known as GuessWho
    <snowchyld> hey lost
    <flirzan> Grifter
    <GuessWho> Hello
    <PunkAB> The Grifter
    <snowchyld> ps: grats on yesterday
    <PunkAB> Blade Runner
    <snowchyld> once in a lifetime event ;)
    <GuessWho> 1981 wasn't a very good year for me :(
    <PunkAB> Mystery Grifter?
    <jodell_> about:robots
    <GuessWho> I was a heck of an engineer though
    <AJolly> number 5?
    <GuessWho> Any of you ride motorcycles?
    <PunkAB> Grifter?
    <GuessWho> Just curious.
    <EvilPacke> Grifter
    <snowchyld> i live on the TT course, but don't ride
    <GuessWho> Grifter what?
    <AJolly> i dont
    <GuessWho> Yeah, I can't anymore.
    <GuessWho> Sucks.
    <PunkAB> Grifter....ummm....please?
    <GuessWho> I used to build them though.
    <PunkAB> lol
    <GuessWho> LOL
    <PunkAB> Grifter!
    <PunkAB> lol
    <EvilPacke> Grifter
    <EvilPacke> hehe
    <snowchyld> the 80s never existed
    <snowchyld> due to the hair, they are voided
    <AJolly> astro boy?
    <AJolly> er, i guess Doctor Grifter
    <EvilPacke> Grifter
    <PunkAB> lol
    <EvilPacke> Grifter
    <flirzan> Grifter
    <GuessWho> LOL
    <GuessWho> you guys are awesome
    <flirzan> I'm not
    <GuessWho> That idiot Bob had to go and steal all my thunder though. Jerk
    <flirzan> I'm just confused
    <EvilPacke> what about Grifter?
    <EvilPacke> lol
    <snowchyld> i missed the start of 80s night, what was the question ?
    <flirzan> Grifter
    <YenTheIdl> ooh, I know how to play this game! do you have blue eyes?
    =-= YenTheIdl is now known as Yen
    <jodell_> Don't Squeeze Grifter
    <PunkAB> Are you an animal, vegetable, or Grifter?
    <snowchyld> aah
    <snowchyld> where you born in this Grifter
    <AJolly> i like the Grifter guess :)
    <AJolly> yeah, im going with Grifter
    -->| ace1 () has joined #MysteryChallenge
    <EvilPacke> Grifter (c. 1944 — 1981) was one of the first Grifter.
    <snowchyld> hey ace
    <AJolly> and Grifter stole his thunder
    <ace1> sup snow
    <snowchyld> can you paste all the clues so far
    <EvilPacke> no
    <EvilPacke> hehe
    <snowchyld> I really enjoy Grifter
    <ace1> none thus far unless i missed something in the netsplit
    <snowchyld> Grifter wasn't a very good year for me
    <Yen> all the clues fit
    <snowchyld> I was a heck of an engineer though
    <AJolly> and id hardly say he was a hell of an engineer
    <EvilPacke> that's one bad robot
    <flirzan> I WIN
    <flirzan> (even I fI don't win, I win)
    <ace1> now youre up early man
    <flirzan> s/fi/if
    <AJolly> i was focusing on Grifter :(
    <ace1> i figured it would be a few hours till i saw you
    <snowchyld> 6am
    <AJolly> i had found the entry, just had not gotten around to reading it
    <snowchyld> yeah
    <Yen> Grifter wasn't neccesarily an idiot, though
    <AJolly> it says he failed to completely power off the Grifter before working on it
    <AJolly> doesnt sound like an awesome engineer to me
    <EvilPacke> Grifter was struck by a Grifter at a casting plant iGrifter, Michigan on Grifter.
    <flirzan> GrifterCIDE
    <snowchyld> Grifter
    <flirzan> that has got to be one of the most epic causes of Grifter ever
    <AJolly> failed to follow the laws, thats what you get
    <snowchyld> had an Grifter named after him Grifter
    <snowchyld> not such a bad year
    <PunkAB> I hope LosT didn't build killer Grifter this year....
    <Yen> or at least, killer Grifter without 'Grifter' switches
    <AJolly> he plans to take over defcon
    <EvilPacke> hahaha
    <AJolly> to survive you have to beat all the stages
    <flirzan> really big, obvious off switches
    <EvilPacke> up up down down...
    <AJolly> before time runs out, or before grifter gets you first
    <EvilPacke> ah ha.. the giant tools he gave out will become useful
    <AJolly> thats why we have a wrench!
    <PunkAB> lol Soundtrack at Grifter for Grifter Grifter has Grifter - Live at Grifter Grifter. Tasteless.
    <flirzan> yeah, but grifter has them all
    <snowchyld> im hoping i make defcon this year
    <ace1> you better
    <AJolly> as opposed to a wench, which we can also aquire in vegas
    <snowchyld> new job says i cant do jack for three months
    <ace1> and jack is defined as....
    <AJolly> sounds lame
    <ace1> they cant regulate your travel can they, i mean remote is remote it doesnt matter where you are at ;)
    <snowchyld> heh
    <snowchyld> true
    <Yen> well, instead of Grifter, how about Grifter?
    <ace1> lol
    =-= YOU are now known as LosT^
    <LosT^> LOL
    <ace1> pentagrams uh oh, must be evil
    <PunkAB> Hey LosT, odd question. Do you check your logs? *grin*
    <EvilPacke> hahahahahaahahhahahaaa
    <flirzan> nice
    <Yen> the drawings remind me of bacon
    <snowchyld> oh you fonud the injection too ?
    <LosT^> which logs :)
    <PunkAB> Oh, ummm,....never mind....
    <LosT^> I don't bother trying to keep the site alive :)
    <EvilPacke> *runaway*
    <LosT^> I figure if anyone wants to hit it they will
    <LosT^> If anyone takes down my site it ruins the game
    <PunkAB> Oh no, it's just that we made some....odd...requests recently....
    <LosT^> I don't want to play admin on that site, in case you cant tell from the stolen WP theme :)
    <LosT^> Yes, I do check logs
    <LosT^> :)
    <PunkAB> lol
    <EvilPacke> good good
    <snowchyld> so the darkfairy Grifter
    <snowchyld> took me a few hours, found the Grifter then did a Grifter diff on it
    <LosT^> lol
    <LosT^> come on, it was made in the future (at the time)
    <LosT^> it was magic
    <snowchyld> i thought yesterday was the start =P
    <LosT^> NO
    <snowchyld> you know
    <LosT^> I would never do that
    <snowchyld> yesterday being friday
    <PunkAB> hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
    <ace1> lol
    <snowchyld> friday being the Grifter day of the Grifter
    <flirzan> it's still friday here
    <LosT^> Yeah, in my world it's not tomorrow until you sleep
    <snowchyld> ffff
    <snowchyld> wait
    <snowchyld> you're on PST ?
    <ace1> still friday here as well
    <snowchyld> yueah
    <flirzan> 1 hour 17 minutes till saturday
    <PunkAB> In which case it is still 2003....
    <snowchyld> just realised
    <EvilPacke> 555
    <snowchyld> 8 hours beind ?
    <ace1> 13 mins te 10:57
    <snowchyld> o_O
    <snowchyld> hah
    <snowchyld> nice
    <PunkAB> But if he's Grifter Grifter, it's 1:44
    <ace1> yup
    <LosT^> I am everywhere
    <LosT^> and nowhere
    <ace1> lol
    <snowchyld> 10/5/7 10h05m07s
    <Yen> it is also still friday here
    <LosT^> Oddly quiet Disco crew... :)
    <snowchyld> a moment in time
    <LosT^> Come on, this one is easy.
    <Yen> yesterday is still today is still tomorrow
    <flirzan> home is where your fileserver is
    <flirzan> lost: was I right?
    <PunkAB> Which one is easy?
    <PunkAB> Grifter?
    <PunkAB> lol
    <flirzan> hahaha
    <EvilPacke> haha
    <LosT^> Hey now I didn't say Jaku was easy
    <LosT^> LOL
    <PunkAB> Let's just say there's a big question mark on that one. lol
    <LosT^> Read the scroll back. When did I "change"-
    <PunkAB> Or perhaps many question marks on a creepy jacket...
    <LosT^> When I didn't need to anymore...
    <LosT^> LOL
    <snowchyld> after i posted the rock Grifter scissors lizard spock picture
    <snowchyld> Grifter ?
    <snowchyld> or the Grifter and Grifter comment
    <LosT^> Use your inside voice snowchyld. Inside your head.
    <LosT^> :)
    =-= YOU are now known as Grifter
    <snowchyld> its piped to stdout
    <snowchyld> Grifter Grifter
    <Yen> Grifter Grifter
    <Yen> Grifter Grifter
    <snowchyld> that chick from Grifter, she's a Grifter >_>
    <Yen> napolean dynamyte!
    <GuessWho> i was crushed when I heard that Grifter was going to be turned off...
    <snowchyld> hah
    <snowchyld> Grifter!
    <Yen> HAL
    <PunkAB> Isn't that from The Grifter Grifter Theory?
    <GuessWho> But I love that song about turning Grifter...wasn't that great?
    <snowchyld> Grifter Grifter
    <GuessWho> wondering . o O (any more hammer hits? I think I'm beating a dead horse at this point)
    <EvilPacke> 2 legit 2 legit 2 quit
    <PunkAB> Are you Grifter Grifter?
    <EvilPacke> are you the Grifter with Grifter Grifter in the Grifter?
    <PunkAB> lol
    <snowchyld> are you lost ?
    <snowchyld> =D
    <flirzan> I know I am...
    <snowchyld> yeah
    =-= flirzan is now known as LosT^
    <snowchyld> wait..
    <LosT^> !!!
    <snowchyld> if we're all lost
    =-= LosT^ is now known as flirzan
    <GuessWho> i was crushed when I heard that Grifter was going to be turned off...
    =-= YOU are now known as LosT^
    <LosT^> lol
    <LosT^> you guys always make me laugh
    <LosT^> I love it
    <LosT^> You guys rock.
    <snowchyld> Grifter c Grifter ?
    <snowchyld> Grifter Grifter
    <snowchyld> dammit i can't recall the actors now
    <EvilPacke> Grifter Grifter is what your looking for
    <ace1> lol
    <flirzan> I still say it's Grifter Grifter
    <flirzan> Grifter be damned
    <ace1> its 10:57 here :)
    <snowchyld> f5
    <ace1> lol
    <flirzan> Grifter Grifter
    <snowchyld> ./
    * snowchyld goes to sleep and waits for the beep
    <Yen> I am the walrus
    <Yen> or you am
    <flirzan> Grifter
    <Yen> something like that
    <snowchyld> Grifter Grifter!
    <snowchyld> that was it
    <snowchyld> Grifter Grifter
    <LosT^> :)
    <ace1> snow ease up on your f5 your dos'ing the site xD
    <snowchyld> i was kidding
    <ace1> you aint got to lie to kick it
    <ace1> lol
    <snowchyld> hey im just waking up
    <snowchyld> i have the timezone advantage
    <LosT^> I have a time machine.
    <LosT^> :p
    <EvilPacke> you are Grifter and batman, combined
    <snowchyld> deceit!
    <LosT^> I am amazed at how much you guys give out in open channels for others to gank. :)
    <snowchyld> *punch* REPENT *punch* SINNER *punch*
    <Yen> dr. Grifter?
    <Yen> who? the Grifter
    <LosT^> LOL (you do realize I'm just chatting now)
    <LosT^> :)
    <LosT^> Just sayin.
    <snowchyld> heh
    <snowchyld> well
    <Yen> LOST NEVER CHATS. (and never sleeps)
    <snowchyld> 9 of us here
    <Yen> anyone watch dr. Grifter?
    <snowchyld> used to
    -->| quiksotic (~D6) has joined #MysteryChallenge
    <LosT^> Yes, love Grifter
    <LosT^> Already have the new sonic Grifter
    <snowchyld> hah
    <Yen> I just picked it up again with the new season
    <LosT^> By the way, just for the record. as those of you who have played in the past know, when you find a solution, you will know it (to register)-
    <LosT^> wow, didn't mean to silence the room
    <snowchyld> everyone now thinks that the guess who is the registration
    <snowchyld> my god.. its on the wikipedia page bbl!
    * snowchyld whistles
    <snowchyld> turning Grifter... turning off Grifter..
    <snowchyld> its the lead actor of 'as the Grifter Grifter'
    <snowchyld> who happened to have an Grifter degree
    <snowchyld> and was an Grifter for Grifter Grifter in 2001 a Grifter od
    <snowchyld> it all makes pefect sense now
    <PunkAB> Or perhaps all of his clues are a clever ciphertext....
    <PunkAB> muahahahaha
    <LosT^> Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
    <snowchyld> both his Grifter were Grifter in a freak Grifter in Grifter at a Grifter plant in Grifter...
    <snowchyld> and his wikipedia page has a link to a Grifter page.. the text says: 10000100001
    <snowchyld> which i believe in decimal is...
    <Yen> since when did movies have understudies?
    <EvilPacke> you guessed it
    <snowchyld> touche ;)
    <LosT^> LOL at the BS
    =-= flirzan is now known as Grifter
    =-= Grifter is now known as flirzan
    * Yen is so confused
    <snowchyld> LosT^: how many registrants so far ?
    <LosT^> That's a secret.
    <snowchyld> ok
    <LosT^> or it's 1057.
    <LosT^> You pick
    <LosT^> Lol @ everyone just throwing names at me. You'll know what to do when you figure things out.
    <LosT^> wow, got quiet in here fast
    <snowchyld> it was the 'registration is now open'
    <snowchyld> i think that tipped them off
    <snowchyld> HI ID LIKE TO REGISTER
    <flirzan> I already tried that...didn't work
    <flirzan> at least..I don't think it did...
    Last edited by LosT; May 8, 2010, 00:03.

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    Re: Desire to register thread...

    Nice post count.

    And I'd like a puppy.
    Last edited by PunkAB; May 7, 2010, 19:53.


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      Re: Desire to register thread...

      I want a Cookie. No, seriously, I want a COOKIE.
      And a Pepsi, just one Pepsi.....
      "Haters, gonna hate"


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        Re: Desire to register thread...

        @nikita: Here's your cookie:

        Name: throb
        Content: yes
        Path: /
        Send for: Any type of connection
        Expires: At end of session

        I'd like a pony, and a Dave with the kung-fu grip. Also $40 in one dollar bills, and a spatula. And a
        Last edited by flirzan; May 7, 2010, 23:17.


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          Re: Desire to register thread...

          I am wishing to register, given the auspicious date.

          If I'm lost's character, I am wishing I had turned that robot *all* the way off.
          It's not stupid, it's advanced.


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            Re: Desire to register thread...

            Are you insane!!!!! Ask for a puppy!!!!!
            Last edited by PunkAB; May 7, 2010, 23:05.


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              Re: Desire to register thread...

              Must we respond in the form of a question?

              or perhaps....FORM OF THE DRAGON!?

              edit: but what if I'm allergic to puppies? what shell of an existence would that be? and why would I want puppies then?
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              It's not stupid, it's advanced.


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                Re: Desire to register thread...

                I desire to register to take part in the Mystery Challenge this year, please.

                I'd like to register too. -LosT


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                  Re: Desire to register thread...

                  Originally posted by flirzan View Post
                  I desire to register to take part in the Mystery Challenge this year, please.
                  one mystery challenge please...with extra sprinkles.
                  perl -e 's==UBER?=+y[:-o]}(;->\n{q-yp-y+k}?print:??;-p#)'


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                    Re: Desire to register thread...

                    I want a pink unicorn. a cure for the common cold, and world peace.

                    Just because you can doesn't mean you should. This applies to making babies, hacking, and youtube videos.


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                      Re: Desire to register thread...

                      I would like peace on earth and good will to men.
                      A third party security audit is the IT equivalent of a colonoscopy. It's long, intrusive, very uncomfortable, and when it's done, you'll have seen things you really didn't want to see, and you'll never forget that you've had one.


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                        Re: Desire to register thread...

                        And the chat continues in the EF MysteryChallenge room...


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                          Re: Desire to register thread...

                          Originally posted by streaker69 View Post
                          I would like peace on earth and good will to men.
                          Fine. You can have Goodwill. Heck, please take Abercrombie too. It reeks. We ladies will take Fry's and Frederick's of Hollywood.


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                            Re: Desire to register thread...

                            Waiter, one mystery challenge with a side-shot of 250 micrograms of LSD to go...


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                              Re: Desire to register thread...

                              One word: