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(Unofficial) DC18 Act Directory. Acts, post your bios. Planners, get some Acts!

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  • DJ Jackalope
    Re: (Unofficial) DC18 Act Directory. Acts, post your bios. Planners, get some Acts!

    Miss Jackalope

    Drum and Bass / Breaks / Techno/ Old School Electro

    Tech needs:
    I can use either CDJs or 1200's. Need sound as well! I also like vodka/redbulls.


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  • twinkdogg
    Re: (Unofficial) DC18 Act Directory. Acts, post your bios. Planners, get some Acts!

    Act Name:

    Tech Needs:
    I will have computer and DJ controller with RCA and 1/4in stereo outputs. I will need sound.

    I have scattered available time from Wed July 28th after 10PM to Sunday Aug 1st before 4PM. Please contact me for particular times.

    I play all sub-genres of breakbeat and some rap and hip-hop


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  • ak47
    Re: (Unofficial) DC18 Act Directory. Acts, post your bios. Planners, get some Acts!

    Hopefully it's not too late!!! I made the last-minute decision to fly in from SF.

    Act: Alexander King (Houseworks / Nophi / San Francisco, CA)
    Setup: DJ Set/Laptop w/ Serato - Have all the equipment I need, just need a system to plug into "RCA's". Turntables would be ideal for control surfaces but I can play without them.
    Dates Available: Thurs (night), Jul 29 - Monday (afternoon), Aug 2


    Alexander King has been spinning and producing electronic music now for over a decade (12 years to be exact), and has been rocking dance floors from coast to coast along the way. For 3 years, he hosted Atlanta's biggest house and techno radio show, Houseworks on 88.5FM, and held residencies at established clubs such as Nomenclature Museum, Bazzaar, and Halo.

    For the past 3 years, Alexander has been living and working in San Francisco, CA where he has been influenced by the minimal techno scene. With a tech-house and minimal techno fused theme, Alex locks down mixes with infectious beats that keep everyone moving. Also an experienced turntablist, Alex always has a few tricks up his sleeve for a live performance.


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  • Bizzaro
    Re: (Unofficial) DC18 Act Directory. Acts, post your bios. Planners, get some Acts!

    -Bizzaro & Bizzaro Future Circus
    -We bring the funk and freak. You supply the sound. (CD player, mic, etc)
    -We are available all dates of the convention.
    -Demented magic and sideshow stunts. Swallowing four foot balloons, fire eating, chewing razor blades, comedy, magic, music, and craziness!
    - or

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  • MitchMitchem
    Re: (Unofficial) DC18 Act Directory. Acts, post your bios. Planners, get some Acts!

    --Mitch Mitchem DJ Set \ Menace To Sobriety Audio/Video Set

    -- Mitch Mitchem needs a DJ mixer with two available stereo line in connections, as well as a table top with enough room for two 17" laptops. The Menace To Sobriety would require the same as Mitch Mitchem, plus an additional table that is 3ft long, as well as a visual set up (TVs, projectors, or both) that we can plug into.

    -- Available July 28 - Aug 1. PM for details.

    -- Mitch Mitchem has been an electronic music DJ since 2003. He plays a mix of breaks, electro, fidgit, and drum n bass. He has played at the B/W ball the past three years. He also has been producing for the past year, and has been making mashups since 2005.\

    -- Menace To Sobriety was founded in September 2009, and is a collaboration between Mitch Mitchem and VJs Roach and Z3x. It is Mitch Mitchem DJing with the VJs mixing live visuals. They have remixed Myagi and The Speaker Tweakerz, are are currently working on remixes for some large electronic artists.

    -- Mitch Mitchem 2009 Promo Mix -

    -- Menace To Sobriety Video Mixes can be streamed at

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  • shagghie
    Re: (Unofficial) DC18 Act Directory. Acts, post your bios. Planners, get some Acts!

    *Shagghie / (aka HighSage) (of defcon badge hacking lore)

    *I just need a normal table top (typical fold-able table or conference room table), and access to a power strip. If you like, I can bring 3000W of high quality PA (includes a sub).
    For smaller room parties, I can bring a single 1000W PA speaker, or (2) of them. Need to let me know before i travel to vegas, however.

    *Available all hours of the night during defcon depending on B&W ball. May be playing EFF already, too.

    *I play all manner of parties from small to giant clubs like On Broadway here in San Diego, Vegas, LA. Full time music producer, and live PA artist/performer, performing house, dub, techno, and acid house, using only real instruments (no laptops, no 'decks', no mp3s, etc.) and a DJ mixer to bring it all together. Guaranteed amazing vibe, positive attitude, and that people will be having a good fucking time. The more exclusive, the more underground, the less spotlight, the better. I just need a redbull and people that want to party and have a good time, dance, socialize, and vibe.

    *Link to a coachella-related show 'practice set':
    Played same set at a mansion party in palm springs for other coachella artists, poolside, for 3 hours straight, for industry execs, party people, and other heads.

    *Link to current 'project 100' productions:
    Not the same sound as what I do live, but an idea into the artist behind the show...raw, dirty hardware space techno / acid house / minimal...

    *Link to iPhone-streamed house party of live performance with VictorJohn (whom also played the Ninja Party DC16 or so?) and I:
    (poor framerate (like zero) and sound disclaimer).

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  • Moi
    Re: (Unofficial) DC18 Act Directory. Acts, post your bios. Planners, get some Acts!

    Dj Moi
    SideEffect Demo CD
    I have more sets on my website, just go to

    Bio- Dj Moi

    I started playing back in 1999 and have been playing ever since. My style is dark, tribal progressive house with some techno influence. I also produce music and run Binge Records, you can check us out on beatport, itunes and any other major online stores.

    In the past I have opened up for Skazi, Infected Mushroom, Sandra Collins, Skylab 2000, Robbie Hardkiss, Ronski Speed, Nicholas Benison, Theo, Terry Mullan, Kenneth Graham, Soul Slinger, Erik Davenport, Diesel boy and Jason Splat to name a few.

    - I play dark progressive house a bit on the techno side, I also play psy trance on occasion
    - I bring my music and I would need two cdj's and a mixer, preferably both pioneer
    - I will be in Vegas from the July 28th to Aug 1st

    I may have a couple of gigs lined up while I'm in Vegas so I am not entirely sure of my availability but I am down to play anywhere and at anytime (after conference hours)

    (please go to my website for a full bio and discography)

    See you all at Defcon!

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  • sigtrap
    VJ Q.Alba

    VJ Q.Alba (Ian Vitek)
    Electrohouse Summer Demo (2010):
    PM for video download.

    - Mix mainstream dance/club electro house videos.
    - Played last year at Black&White Ball (Defcon 17), EFF fund raiser party and at the Ninja Network (Caezars Challenge) party.
    - I will bring computer, controller (mixer) and projector. I will need speakers.
    - Will work for booze and/or 0-day exploits.

    This year I'm booked at EFF Thursday night and at Queercon Friday night so I'm only available Wednesday and Saturday right now.
    PM me for contact information.

    //VJ Q.Alba
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  • (Unofficial) DC18 Act Directory. Acts, post your bios. Planners, get some Acts!

    So I know there are lots of private parties that go down during DEFCON and lots of acts hungering to perform.

    Inspired by VJ Q.Alba, I figure it is worthwhile to start a thread where private party planners can browse DJs/acts to book who will be coming to DC18. I'll try to find out if we can get the link to the thread promoted on the main site/etc...

    ----- Rules of this thread! -----
    1. Only DJs/acts/bands who'd like to make themselves available for private events should post here.
    2. There should be only one post per act, with all the required information.
    3. Any actual discussion (between acts and event planners) should take place privately over PM. Any personal contact info should be provided over PM, and not this thread.
    4. Format of post should be as follows:
    • Act name
    • Act's tech rider/required setup. Explicitly mention what is supplied by the act, and what would need to be supplied by the planner.
    • Dates Available - Make sure you really are available and didn't purchase tickets to a show or something.
    • Short bio/promo about the act
    • Link to a demo mix/recording: This should be either a direct audio link (ending in something like *.mp3), soundcloud, or mixcloud. No yousendit/rapidfire type links. No torrents.