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  • Off my lazy ass

    Ok, I finally put some info up at and

    * There might be errors. I am still double checking
    * The sign-up should be working
    * Most people have gps phones so get instamapper and iframe stuff to me.
    * Volunteers are always welcome at both ends of the race.

    more to follow
    tommEE pickles

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    Re: Off my lazy ass

    yay, its about time. now only if i couldbe around for it. i guess ill be waiting in vegas for you guys. dont know howstuff is going happen so i dont know if ill lbeworking, but ill keep you posted.
    everyday i sit here and wonder what the hell is wrong with you all!


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      Re: Off my lazy ass

      I haven't seen anyone sign up for it and no conversations have been heard either. I wonder if I will have to cancel it for lack of interest.
      tommEE pickles


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        Re: Off my lazy ass

        It's been awhile since I've done a Thing is see..I think Black Hat killed the Cannonball Star, b/c I have to be out there for BHB for the day job now...

        And after putting SO MUCH WORK into my '93 Corrado too.... you guys wouldn't have stood a chance!

        Teaser on some of the parts:


        Balanced / blueprinted bottom end to a gram
        Bildon crank scraper
        2.9 kolbenschmidt pistons
        All ARP bolts in bottom end
        Delo 15/40 Oil (High Zinc Content)
        ECS Magnetic Drain Plug
        New oil pan
        New Oil pump
        mk4 head gasket
        head from a 2001 VR6 with blocked sai port
        All new guides
        All new Valves
        New TT titanium retainers with high lift valve springs
        New TT 268 cams
        mk4 upgraded rails / guides with all new chains and tensioners
        New Neuspeed lightweight pulleys
        European round collar high flow manifold with inscription (rare german
        market only B3 Passat)
        European 2.9 Throttle body
        New TT Stainless 2.5 inch exhaust with borla muffler
        New TT Black powder coated tip
        New TT High flow cat
        New O2 Sensor
        ALL New Engine Sensors
        New Fuel Pump
        New Feul Pressure Regulator
        Cleaned and blueprinted injectors
        New Fuel Sender
        New AC compressor
        New Alternator
        New Starter
        New Passat intake boot
        New Neuspeed P-Flow Intake kit
        New Bosch Distribuitor
        New Coil Pack
        New Spark plugs
        New Bosch wires
        New (Obsolete) New Dimensions Thermostatically Controlled Oil Cooler kit
        New OEM Oil cooler
        New oil sensors / senders
        New Coolant sensors / senders
        New Billet crack pipe
        New Godspeed aluminum radiator
        New low temp thermostat and fan switch
        New fan motor
        New Fan control module and adapter kit for the mk3 style
        New Coolant reservoir
        G12 Coolant
        New Samco Hose kit
        New Heater core
        New water pump
        New AC compressor
        New ac control resistor
        New clutch
        New Flywheel
        New slave
        New Master
        New Serpentine Belt
        New Serpentine Tensioner
        New Throttle Cable
        New AUX water pump
        New Washer Bottle
        Custom Techtonics chip made for the build
        New interstate Battery
        Cloth Re-wrapped engine harness

        Drivetrain / Suspension:

        Ate Super Blue Racing fluid
        Quaife Corrado trans built by Sean at Kraftswerk
        New Axles
        New SS brake lines
        EBC Yellow Stuff pads
        Brembo zinc coated drilled and slotted rotors
        New Powersteering rack
        New ball joints
        New PS Lines
        New tie rod ends
        New Wheel bearings
        New Hubs
        New Urethane bushings - all the way around
        New OEM front engine mount and right mount
        New motorsport transmission mount
        New Bilstein PSS Coilovers with all new strut mount bushings (rear are urethane)
        Neuspeed Short shift Kit
        Neuspeed Upper front tie bar
        Neuspeed triangulated Rear tie bar

        Interior / Exterior:

        New ignition switch
        New clam shell
        New HVAC controls
        New Schroth ASM 2 Belts
        New Headlight switch
        European Fog Light Switch
        New Alpine stereo (iDA-X303)
        New trunk straps
        New hood cable
        New Sunroof seal
        Black sunroof switch
        Momo Steering wheel
        Momo Shift knob
        New driver's door handle
        New Windshield
        New Factory windshield moulding
        VR6 Ecodes
        European Seat belts
        Euro Lip
        Fk Badgeless grille

        Porsche D90 Wheels powder coated high gloss black 16x6F 16x8R
        Yokohama S Drives 195.45.16

        Compression ratio should be somewhere around 10.7:1
        Should have the car out there so let me know if any gear heads wanna take a look after the run. I'll try to make it to the finish line to support if I'm not booked to perform. (doing the Zombie ball and possibly EFF this year).

        I'll try to rally some folks from San Diego if I can. Last time I did one we left from here first together. Was a blast!


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          Re: Off my lazy ass

          I tried to send you an email to let you know I was available thurs for whatever at the Riv you needed but the mail bounced. Might be your problem with the lack of interest as well.
          "They-Who-Were-Google are no longer alone. Now we are all Google."


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            Re: Off my lazy ass

            I have a team or two ready to go, pinged you about it last month never got a reply. there have been talks about uavs and cop tracking as well as large radio use in the san diego aria


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              Re: Off my lazy ass

              Originally posted by eris View Post
              I tried to send you an email to let you know I was available thurs for whatever at the Riv you needed but the mail bounced. Might be your problem with the lack of interest as well.
              what email address did you use that it bounced from?
              tommEE pickles


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                Re: Off my lazy ass

                are you trying to sell your car again?
                did you forget to mention new floor mats an the new car smell?

                I So wish I could turn up in LA and join a team early... but right now I can't. :/
                DJ Jackalope
                dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

                send in the drop bears!


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                  Re: Off my lazy ass


                  I gave one of the time clocks to Craig to take it into Vegas. The race is still a go for Thursday. First racer leaves at noon.
                  tommEE pickles


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                    Re: Off my lazy ass


                    hm, little information - I hope our Team is registered even though it doesn't show up in the List... Guess we'll find out tomorrow...

                    Anything online planned besides the instamapper? We'll have IRC on board, I'd suggest a channel with key on efnet?

                    Not really knowing what to expect tomorrow,