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Do you have a enV1, 2, or 3? (SMS DOS)

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  • Do you have a enV1, 2, or 3? (SMS DOS)

    I found out a nice little DOS attack for Verizon's Env series phone, and have confirmed it works on *Some* enV2 and Env3 phones, but am looking at what software versions it affects for the OS.

    I'm releasing this tidbit of information with the following caveats:

    1.) I don't know exactly what character/character group causes failure. I'd like to keep my friends as friends.

    2.) This is for educational purposes only, I in no way endorse bad behavior or expect anyone to abuse this.

    SMS: æş§ßšśffffffffffff&=%$#!<>_-+"'*()(&=%-_><<<>c_mmmmmmñğçqqqqqpppppřť

    SOME verizon phones display some of the message, or some of them (the env phones) display square webdings-like characters, some display nothing. I'd like to see what everyone else comes up with ON THEIR OWN PHONES. I'm not rich enough to test this out myself.

    Mitigation: Delete the text message on reboot of the phone's operating system manually, not with the delete all feature. Setting your text message settings to not open messages automatically might stop this. If it doesn't then the issue is probably deep within the OS.

    If anyone wants to work with me on this before I provide details to verizon, please contact me.