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  • When and Where Announced!

    Crash And Compile will be on the main stage in the contest area, starting at 8pm and going until whenever on Saturday night!

    We've had a few teams sign up, but there are still spots available. If you're interested in creating a team, please send me a DM or an email (mark {at} halibut {dot} com) with the following details:

    Team Name:
    Team Members' Names or Handles: (one or two people only, please)
    Team Members' contact email addresses (I promise to only contact you regarding this year's Crash and Compile competition; I won't share it with anyone or use it for anything else.)

    If you're interested in applying for Team Control Group or Team Distraction, please also send an email/DM just so I know you'll be there.


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    Re: When and Where Announced!

    There's apparently been a bit of confusion. When I say "Apply for a team," that makes it sound like we're selective. If you apply, you're in. It's more of a way for us to get a feel for how many teams are actually going to be there.

    And, I'm throwing down the gauntlet right now. I expect there to be a Team Goon. If I don't see some red badges on stage, I'm going to be very upset...

    ...having said that, given that they're the ones with the clout, I'm not entirely sure what I'll do about it, but I'd bet there will be some fun-poking involved. ;-)

    Come on guys/gals, you know you want to. Everyone is doing it. :-D


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      Re: When and Where Announced!

      We've had several teams apply for Crash And Compile, but still have more space available. Now is the time to send in those applications!

      And, what's this? Are you Goons not up to the challenge? Not even up to supplying some weak excuse? I will be VERY disappointed if this doesn't happen. You can't _ALL_ be on duty that night. ;-)