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Driving from Arkansas

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  • Driving from Arkansas

    Heading out Monday or Tuesday, 26 or 27 July, I'll be overlanding along Eye-Four-Oh from Little Rock, Arkansas (yes there are tech people here, and we even wear shoes!). I will be leaving Vegas early Monday 2 August. The return trip might get crowded; my wife will be flying in to Vegas and returning with me, and I'm going to be hauling a lot of stuff, and my truck doesn't have the room that those guys from Torchwood seem to have...

    Seat availability: one front to Vegas, one back on return trip
    Ride: 1987 Range Rover
    Rules: No smoking in the truck, no one accused of wearing a hat of the posterior variety, no small bladders, no illegal substances
    Music: All sorts, but to get pumped up for the con, probably a lot of old school EBM, my choice
    Cargo: Like I said, I'll be carrying a lot of stuff, best for someone traveling light
    Cost: Depends on where you hop on, let's talk

    Also interested in caravan -- including hooking up with folks along the way or people coming from back East, it is the mother road after all. Planning on stopping for a bit in Albuquerque, one of my ex-engineers has a gig there.

    Shoot me a PM, let's talk.
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