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Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

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    Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

    Originally posted by Dark Tangent View Post
    As an individual or team? Room for either options.
    As an individual, thanks.


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      Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

      Originally posted by Dark Tangent View Post
      Everyone check the first post on this thread, and tell me what needs to be updated.

      If you are running a team make sure I've got it right, also tell me how many spots you have left for people who might want to join.

      There are by my count six spots open, but I want to make sure.

      Awesome thanks,

      Here is our team name:
      Team: "WTF_Team2":


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        Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

        I'd like to join a team. not sure at all what's involved, but this is maybe something I suck at less than most defcon-related contests. I'm NOT hauling my entire crafting toolset out there, but If any team will have me, and I can contribute something useful other than time, patience, and being good at fiddly little perfectionist things.. I'm game. I have no idea what a professional toolset for this would consist of, either.


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          Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

          WTF_Team2 has room. I think I saw Nikita or DT mention that next year they might limit the teams to three people, and you would be our third, so that's probably perfect.
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            Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

            Dark Tangent - I am on the I-HACKED.COM team
            update your 404--=--


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              Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

              I am very interested in being a part of this competition!

              I will go as either individual or team doesn't matter.


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                Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

                Due to last minute travel rearrangements (see drunken water pump rant) I'm going to have to bow out as a solo act -- limited luggage space and only so many tools. If anyone has an opening on a team I'd love to jump in.
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                  Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

                  Originally posted by mmca View Post
                  Woohoo! Im in there.

                  This is exciting, well over a decade of defcons and this is my first contest.

                  Gonna get my tamper on!
                  yeah, ≈ 10 years since my first defcon, and this is my first time entering anything, too. yikes. :)


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                    Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

                    I'd like to put myself in too... but I am willing to join a team if anyone has room :)
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                      Re: Tamper Evident Contest sign up thread

                      Just bringing things full circle for the night -- here's a copy of my initial wrap-up thread:

                      Hi folks,

                      First of all, I want to thank all of you for competing in the first Tamper-Evident Contest. We had an astoundingly diverse crowd competing, and I think we all had a stellar time -- judges and contestants both. Not to step on his toes, but The Dark Tangent and I were very pleased to see the results, and we're really looking forward to next year! You folks were really incredible, and I'm just happy as hell to have such an awesome group of participants and crew for a first-year contest.

                      Secondly, I think we all "discovered" that the tamper-evident/tamper-proof industry might have some weaknesses. I'm looking forward to when The Dark Tangent calls our suppliers and relays our results, just as I'm looking forward to talking to my day-job's physical security folks about the same things. Kinda neat when your work actually results in changing an industry, I hope.

                      Next, I want to say that I absolutely could -not- have done this without:

                      - Dark Tangent
                      - Nikita
                      - Stits
                      - Thorn

                      You folks were pure awesomeness. Just sayin.

                      I also appreciated all of the work that Tiphareth (Tip), Pi, and the UAT students put in in terms of manning the table. Every one of you rocks, and I -really- appreciate you being there.

                      Here are the final standings (points then team):

                      51: Motherfucking Professionals
                      47: Team Obsinisize
                      42: Team Hactar
                      29: Have you seen my Box?
                      24: aurora/expo/facon12
                      20: WTF_Team 2
                      1: I-Hacked Crew

                      Everyone else scored negative, mostly from not turning everything back in, from not documenting what they did (that's the real goal here, aside from having fun, right?), or from not attempting things (you lose more points by not trying than failing). L0st gets out of a hazing since his box was stolen as some team of his thought it was part of the Mystery Challenge.

                      We'll be posting more up about specific defeats and the general insecurity of tamper-evident and tamper-proof devices in the near future, but...

                      Team Hactar: For the record, you guys did the hard drive magnet defeat -- and you did excellently with that. I actually thought I mentioned you twice in the closing ceremony -- and your astounding success was why Dark Tangent actually asked for me to play that video. It's possible me being the deer in headlights caused me to not mention you, and while I find it unlikely, if that was the case, I sincerely and wholeheartedly apologize -- seriously; you guys deserve credit for that one.

                      [IF that turns out to be the case, I will allow you, as a team, to find two times throughout DC weekend in which I will proclaim my wish for forgiveness from Team Hactar (at any place on the strip at which I don't plan on playing poker. ;) )]

                      I also want to call out props to two teams:

                      - Motherfucking Professionals: If you guys were boy scouts, you would have won a merit badge. That or stolen the entire case with an Arduino-powered acid-solution of some sort.

                      - Have You Seen My Box?: You guys get points for limiting yourselves to the tools you can find in a hotel room or get the housekeeper to bring to you. Stealthy ninjas you may become. I give you personal kudos points for restricting yourselves.

                      Here's the actual slides from my "Notable Hacks" slide:

                      Team Hactar vs. S-15562 Colored Cable Seals
                      Repurposing hard drive magnets to reuse tamper-resistant locks

                      Motherfucking Professionals vs. Padlock Seals
                      Arduino providing power to cut wire in HcL/salt water solution

                      Here's some tips, since I skipped the slide on "Tricks":

                      Watch the Forums - Many Components Announced Months Early
                      Document Early - Lots of Teams Lost Points for Poor Documentation
                      Be Ready for Variety
                      Team Up - Individuals Didn’t Turn In

                      We're already talking about next year, but here's what I can tell you right now:

                      - Next year, it will be tougher.
                      - Next year, there will most likely be varying difficulties.
                      - This year was easy-medium stuff. I would suggest that you be prepared for what you saw, but I wouldn't count on seeing the same thing twice.

                      I welcome comments from all teams and contestants and onlookers -- e-mail me at my username @ that same username dot me.

                      Thanks again for a great time,