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No Hack Fortress. Sad Panda

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  • No Hack Fortress. Sad Panda

    Due to a shocking number of issues (not con related, just life) there will be no hack fortress this year. We'll shoot for next year.

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    Re: No Hack Fortress. Sad Panda

    That is sad news, I hope everything works out for the better.
    Originally posted by Ellen
    Do I wish we could all be like hexjunkie? Heck yes I do. :) That would rock.


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      Re: No Hack Fortress. Sad Panda

      Thanks for letting us know. I will move the forum to be a sub-forum of "Canceled contests/events" and leave it open for a week, then close it. The name will be changed to include a prefix of "*canceled* as well as a suffix of the same.

      If things change and you find you will host it anyway, get an OK from Pyr0 or whoever was giving you space, let us know so we can verify and we can re-activate the forum.

      Hope things work out for the best,
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