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2010 DEFCON 18 Ninja Badge Announcement

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  • FirmWarez
    Re: 2010 DEFCON 18 Ninja Badge Announcement

    Cool, thanks. Also can't wait to learn what processor you guys went with.

    From last years build pics, I gotta say: Ninjas need a wave.
    I happen to have access to one...
    ...though you're probably well past that point now.

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  • barkode
    Re: 2010 DEFCON 18 Ninja Badge Announcement

    Originally posted by FirmWarez View Post
    Any Ninjas gonna be at the shoot?
    Good question - I actually don't know. If anyone mentions it I'll drop a line here.

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  • FirmWarez
    Re: 2010 DEFCON 18 Ninja Badge Announcement

    Any Ninjas gonna be at the shoot?

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  • barkode
    started a topic 2010 DEFCON 18 Ninja Badge Announcement

    2010 DEFCON 18 Ninja Badge Announcement

    It is with great pleasure that Ninja Networks announces the 2010 Ninja Badge and Event, made possible through generous contributions from our two partners, Facebook and Lookout Mobile Security.

    As we enter the final stretch of what is by far the most ambitious DEFCON effort in Ninja Networks history, we're putting the final touches on a very special Ninja badge; it's an exceptional accomplishment of both engineering and design, and I'm personally very proud of everyone on the team for having pulled it off, especially considering our budgetary and time constraints. Serious kudos go to cstone and woz who put in months of blood, sweat, and tears, taking the idea from bar napkin to reality.

    Far more than just a badge, but a rich development platform unto itself, this year's Ninja Badge is the product of a substantial software and hardware engineering effort, resulting in not only an awesome and highly functional conference badge, but an extensible, hackable technology platform for enthusiasts to play with for years to come.

    The technical details of the badge will be released at the URL on July 28th.

    In the meantime, here is the full rundown of "pre-DEFCON" information that you need to know. Please read it even if you're someone who always gets a badge, as there's some important information.

    Q: What is the Ninja Badge?

    A: The Ninja Badge is not an official DEFCON badge. It is a special badge distributed by Ninja Networks at no cost to individuals who have made a positive impact on not only us as individuals, but on the hacker community at large. It's our way of showing our thanks to those who make our world a better place. Consider your Ninja Badge a token of our appreciation.

    The Ninja Badge is also your invitation to the annual Ninja Party, held Saturday night.

    Q: If I've never had one before, how do I get one?

    A: Personally, I struggle with this problem every year. The vast majority of these things go to our long-time friends and family. For the rest, what we try to do is find the best people we can and offer them a badge. It's not a perfect system. What helps is when someone we already know vouches for a new person, or recommends that we give someone a badge. It's sort of like the mob.

    If you're totally new to DEFCON and you don't know anyone at all, don't be afraid to just flat out strike up a conversation with someone. Hell, strike up a conversation with me or one of the other Ninjas. We're super friendly (well, most of the time, maybe not first thing Sunday morning...).

    Q: Is there another way to get a Ninja Badge if I don't manage to socialize myself into one?

    A: Yes! This year, we're going to be giving Ninja Badges to certain contest organizers to give away to the people playing their contests. We're going to leave it up to them how they want to distribute the badges. So, participate in DEFCON contests!

    Q: Can I buy a Ninja Badge?

    A: No. They are always given away at no charge.

    Q: What are the technical specs of the Ninja Badge?

    A: That information will be revealed the week of the conference. However, we can say now that the badge will contain a 32 bit MCU (PIP, really) and that is has more than 180 individual nets, 58 test points, 5 discrete ICs, and a bevy of interface components. Some additional information is already posted or hinted to at

    Q: Will the Ninja Badge be hackable?

    A: Extremely, and we encourage it.

    Q: Will you guys be distributing source code?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Will there be an SDK or any type of development kit?

    A: Yes, cstone is putting this together now, and will have something ready by DEFCON.

    Q: How many Ninja Badges exist?

    A: 660 total badges were ordered. Of these, some small percentage will not pass QC. 50 badges will go to Ninja staff.

    Q: If I need to talk to someone on the Ninja staff about my badge, how can I find them?

    A: Ninja staff wear black Ninja Badges. You can also find us at the Ninja table in the vendor area.

    Q: What do I need to know before the Con?

    A: First, YOU NEED TO BE FOLLOWING @NINJANETWORKS ON TWITTER. This is important. Follow @ninjanetworks on Twitter. Even if you don't have Twitter, download the app to your phone and be ready to use it to read tweets from @ninjanetworks. This is how we'll be distributing real-time information about your badge, and there are time-sensitive events that you will otherwise miss.

    Second - get your badge EARLY. Don't wait until Saturday or late Friday. It'll make sense when you see the badge.

    Q: I'm with the press/government/interpol/etc, how can I contact you?

    A: Email address at the bottom of this page:

    Q: If I have a Ninja Badge, can I bring a friend to the party?

    A: Yes! Your Ninja Badge comes with a "plus one". How this will work will become obvious once DEFCON begins.

    Q: What do I need to know about the party?

    A: Please see this thread.

    More information will be posted to this thread/forum as con approaches. Reach out to me if you have questions.

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