Q) What is CPT?
A) CTP is a network scavenger hunt. In this challenge, contestants will monitor the network, look for clues, solve puzzles, and win prizes.

Q) Do I need to sign up?
A) No. Any individual or team will be allowed to play provided there is space. Signing up early however will allow us ensure there is enough space to accommodate you.

Q) How do I sign up?
A) https://www.ariessecurity.com/contes...et_signup.html

Q) What's provided for me?
A) All teams will be provided access to the challenge server network, a span port for sniffing, table space, and power strips. Teams will be expected to provide their own computers, networking gear, and anything else which they might need. Tables are given on a first come first serve basis with priority given to those who register ahead of time.

Q) Is the network safe?
A) The game network should be considered extremely hostile and you should connect at your own risk. While attacking other teams is not permitted, this is Defcon, you should leave any sensitive data at home.

Q) How long will the contest take?
A) Everyone that signs up (assuming space is available) will get to play one round.
**Each round is one hour.
We will have several rounds to accommodate the volume of contestants.
The winner of the round will be advanced to the finals.

Q) What happens if there is a tie?
A) In the case of a tie, there will be a lightning round to break the tie.

Q) What skill level is needed to play?
A) Honestly, very little skill is needed to play. To win is a different story all together. CTP intended for having fun and learning while solving puzzles within the network traffic. Every question has a “Hint”. If a contestant gets stuck, they can opt to get a hint with reduces their overall score.

Q) What happens if teams share answers?
A) It won’t help. Each team is given a unique set of similar yet different challenges.