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GeoChallenge CANCELED For DC18

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  • GeoChallenge CANCELED For DC18

    Not a joke.. Its for real..

    I am sorry to announce that the Geo Challenge contest will be canceled for this years con.

    I spent a lot of time over the last year putting together what was going to
    be a much harder and complex contest than the previous year.

    My vehicle was broken into a few days ago, both my laptops, one containing
    source code and puzzles for the contest was stolen, as well as some of the physical
    puzzles & electronics that were to be used in the contest. (The laptop bag contained
    alot of my personal belongings and business items) so I am rushing to clean up
    loose ends now before trying to make it out to con. At one point I considered not attending
    at all.

    The theft of the items is only a piece of the dilemma, and added to all the other
    things I was trying to finish up, the cost and time required to get everything replaced
    (business/personal & contest) & finished in time is just overwhelming. Some items
    key to puzzles were ordered from outside the US and I don't feel I could get them
    here in time. Had this happened earlier it would have been a bump in the road and
    I would have pushed on, but 2 weeks away from con was just too much.

    The GeoChallenge is not dead, next years event should be a blast, as I will be using
    2 years worth of puzzles and development. It just really sucks that this had to happen.
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    Re: GeoChallenge CANCELED For DC18

    Well, I'm bummed to hear about your vehicle burglary and the fact that you had to cancel the contest, but I am happy to hear you changed your mind from the other day and are going to be attending anyways.

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      Re: GeoChallenge CANCELED For DC18

      Sad to hear. If you reconsider I'm arriving on friday next week so I have plenty of time to kill.. no big plans.. I easily spare a couple of days and help you out.


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        Re: GeoChallenge CANCELED For DC18

        Ugh, Damn. Really sorry to hear it. I've gotten a few friends into geocaching recently (after Zak got me into it whilst in London.)

        Your efforts are not lost on all of the other event organizers at con who know exactly how much of a time investment you had to put into this thing. It's stressful. If the Ninja Badges fail I'll probably jump off the roof.

        Kudos and here's to a better event at DC19.



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          Re: GeoChallenge CANCELED For DC18

          Maybe we can talk off-line, and after Defcon. You know this is the last year for Mystery Challenge, so.....


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            Re: GeoChallenge CANCELED For DC18

            Man I am glad you are still coming to con, bummed that ya lost it all. like i told ya before let me know if I can help with anything.

            See ya @ con in what 7 days. sheesh
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