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Music Events Audio/Video Streaming during con

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  • Music Events Audio/Video Streaming during con

    Just an early heads up:

    Nefarious plans to stream the music content at con are in the works. More than likely we will have an ice-cast server running for the audio and then using (possibly DCTV instead) for the audio-video. We plan on streaming at least the Zombie / Cyberpunk ball, and possibly the chillout hours at the ballroom (watching people sitting at tables and typing on laptops YAY!) during the day.

    Be sure to check this thread (and possibly subscribe to it?) again sometime between Thurs and Friday afternoon of next week for the dirty details/appropriate IP addresses/proper Android/iPhone applications to be hitting up! I figured it would be best to announce this now as not as many people may be actively hitting up the forums during con.
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    Re: Music Events Audio/Video Streaming during con

    Audio stream deetz are in. The stream is currently inactive, but should be up during the Fri/Sat Chillout, Zombie Ball, and Cyberpunk Gala hours.

    Massive thanks to Derek and Lockheed @ the NOC for hooking this up.

    Using IceCast...

    Stream Title: DC18 Music

    Tuning in from mobile devices:
    Blackberry: not sure. Someone feel free to chime in if they have this info.
    iPhone: "Radio Lite" (free) can get the stream by manually adding the URL by navigating to the "Streams" tab
    Android: I prefer either "Cherry Rplayer" or "A Online Radio" - both disturbingly similar. You should be able to search for or add the stream manually.

    Video details forthcoming... probably (hopefully) tomorrow.
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      Re: Music Events Audio/Video Streaming during con

      Video Stream infos in!

      We'll be using USTREAM.TV. We may switch over to DCTV (will post an update if so) in the event that USTREAM places a limit on the number of users connected from the same IP.


      We've set up the stream to be low enough quality (but still look and sound decent!) that you should be able to view it over a 3G connection with little if any issue.

      You can get the USTREAM viewer apps for both Android and iPhone. Unfortunately I don't think BlackBerry devices are supported currently.
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