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  • c0re1287
    Re: PCB Pwnage Rules


    Send required files to

    c0re and afterburn

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  • c0re1287
    Re: PCB Pwnage Rules

    The time has come...

    The "secret ingredient" that must be included on the board is

    An Xbee XB24-AWI-001 (Not the XBee Pro)

    Good Luck!!!

    c0re and afterburn

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  • c0re1287
    started a topic PCB Pwnage Rules

    PCB Pwnage Rules

    The “secret ingredient” will be announced at the Hardware Black Magic talk on Thursday July 29 and posted on the DEFCON Forums/Twitter Feed (@pcbpwnage) Friday July 30 in the AM.

    Rules (subject to change):
    All submissions must be designed around the “secret ingredient”.
    All submissions must be designed using PCB Artist software.
    You can use the auto-router, but remember that submissions will be judged on the efficiency of the routing.
    All submissions must comply with Physical Specifications listed below.
    The deadline for submitting designs is Saturday July 31 by 1200.
    Contestants must submit both the .pcb file and a plain text document with:
    -Contestant’s Name
    -Claim Secret Word
    -Explanation of PCB Layout (purpose, how it works, etc)
    -Bill of Materials (link to parts, costs, etc.)
    Filenames must include Contestant’s Name.
    Winners will be announced in the HHV on Saturday July 31 at 1700 and Sunday August 1.
    Winners will get Ninja Badge on Saturday and the Netbook on Sunday.
    Winners must be present at the HHV to win!

    Physical Specifications:
    -2-layers, FR-4, 0.062", 1 oz cu plate
    -Lead free solder finish
    -Min. 0.006" line/space
    -Min. 0.015" hole size
    -Max size 60 sq. inches
    -No slots (or overlapping drill hits)
    -No internal routing (cutouts)
    -No scoring, tab rout or drilled hole board separations

    Judging Considerations:
    -Efficiency of routing
    -Cleanliness (i.e. Look and Feel)
    -Manufacturability/Practicality (Must pass DRC)
    -Ability to Pwn!!! (Extra points)

    In order to encourage you guys to take this contest seriously, our good friends over at Intel are sponsoring it. Just like us, Intel really likes exciting people to learn more about hardware and thinks that security is something people should be taking a particular interest in. That's why for the last two years they've given us great prizes to give out to you guys! While they probably wouldn't agree with the type of designs we're hoping you design (hacks are where our hearts lay!) they were more than happy to provide us with lots of stuff to give away including a brand new Netbook!

    We’d also like to thank Ninja Networks and barkode for providing us with Ninja badge(s) to give away!

    afterburn and I would like to encourage everyone to attend our talk on Thursday (Hardware Black Magic) to learn some tips and tricks about PCB design.

    Feel free to post any questions here. During the con, afterburn can be found in the HHV and c0re will be floating around.

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