(Note, cleared this with Cotman as not to spam)

As some folks know, I am rolling my bachelor's party into defcon this year. One of the events we are planning on is doing a tactical handgun/carbine course in Parhump Wed. morning. The head instructor is a long-time friend of mine whom I actually met at defcon many years ago. He is willing to do the class for defcon folks for $125 for the day (9am-3pm+).

So far four of us are going. I took his defensive handgun course last year and came away learning quite a bit. I'm pretty sure he will be able to do new shooters, handgun only, and handgun/carbine. He will also have a subgun for rent.. I believe the cost for that is $1 a round w/ no rental fees.

So not to seem spammy please PM me if you are interested and I will send you the link to his web page and more info on the course. It should be a great time and well worth the money.