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f.lux - a new application i'm really digging

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  • f.lux - a new application i'm really digging

    So, the other night i was talking to Babak about some TOOOL matters when i was suddenly struck by the color tone of his computer screen. i asked why his monitor had a distinctly amber/peach hue and he remarked "Oh, that's this new utility i've been using... f.lux"

    i'm now using it, too, and i really think it's pretty cool. what it does, in a nutshell, is automatically adjust your computer monitor's White Point Temperature (or, rather, it adpats your O/S display to mimic a change in monitor color temperature) depending on your local sunset and sunrise.

    so, during the day your monitor appears bright and solid white, as you're used to, but when there is no sunshine your colors are all softer and warmer. naturally, there is an override function in case you want to do color-specific work for a short while or just don't want to have the softer settings.

    it is delightfully simple, has cool effects, and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. win.
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    Re: f.lux - a new application i'm really digging

    Sounds great! Unfortunately no AMD-64 binary version yet, but I'm sure that will be coming. Looking forward to it!

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