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  • NCR ATM's

    I found in my path yesterday a CD. Labeled, NCR self Service Terminals Recovery CD-ROM for MCSFT Windows XP PRO for Embedded Systems.
    Wachovia Edition 2.03 - R06 PELE 2 CD#1. For use with NCR 56XX,58XX,and 66XX Terminals with a PELE 2 Core. After contacting the bank and NCR, I decided to peruse throught it a lil. What I found out was interesting. NCR is a world leader in ATM machine software. This CD contained .dll and .exe with all kinds of things to update an ATM teller machine. Under rule of Title 18 I had to contact and make an attempt to return the lost property. Which will be done around 9:30AM today. It had DipCardReader files, SwipeCardReader files, TrayDispenser files BarCodeReader and the like. So if anyone ever wanted to know, the ATM's at least most made by NCR that are of an XFS Aptra style uses Windows as a core OS alongside Pele 2. I personally would've thought they would be Linux. The CD even comes with files to setup and run the video camera. So security is indeed very tight. NCR claims they are pretty much inpenetrable from outside hackers, and from what i saw they are indeed SECURE as hell. They (NCR) claim to even be able to detect added video cameras used to watch people take money out. They claim that they can detect anyone trying to hack into the ATM via software, and further auto notify the bank and law enforcement. The internal IP addresses the ATM uses had NO DHCP as a setup, and yes they have encryption (TRIPLE DES) I cannot copy this CD as much as I would love too because of copyright laws but I will say for the sake of security talk, YOUR NOT GETTING INTO AN ATM. The protocol seemed to be of RS232 for a few connections. I couldnt run any executables since i am not using XP PRO. According to NCR online documentation their is no way of obtaining these XFS dll without paying.
    As of 10:45AM the CD was returned to the financial institution and no FEDS have been spotted. The ATM whitepaper via MCSFT can be obtained from
    And various CEN XFS WFS commands like WFSGetInfo WFSAsyncGetInfo WFSIsBlocking WFSLock WFSAsyncLock WFSOpen can be looked up. Not that it makes a hill of beans difference wihout being a Financial company or having the software installed.
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