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    Hey all,

    So i'm arriving rather late to the game (as i do with almost all consumer electronics tech since i never see the appeal of rushing out and buying stuff the moment it appears... although the new Android G2 device looks sexy as hell) but i am considering some digital picture frames.

    I am wondering if anyone has ever come across one that can be set to change it's image randomly once every 24 hours. I like the idea of a new photo (possibly one that i wasn't expecting) once a day. Almost all frames that i have seen, however, only feature the ability to turn on a slideshow mode that can be adjusted from about five seconds to a max of maybe one minute. That's way too annoying and intrusive in the corner of my eye, i feel.

    Anyone have any suggestions there? Is it likely one has to pay an arm and a leg for nice features like this? If i'm going full-bore, i'd seek a really nice looking frame that could auto-dim at night and the whole she-bang. But i'm hoping to score a basic, cheap item that would be fine for me if i can slow down the image shuffle to just once a day.

    Of course, if anyone is willing to try to hack some firmware with me... that'd make for quite a nice project when there's time.
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