Hi there, warmth, wind and how many wonderful/splendid musics, or
handful of inspiration :) Some time ago I wrote a brief paper in
brazilian portuguese (pt-br) describing some methods against
Remote Denial of Service. There's something about that in this
ignited topic below:


See also directly:

I also compiled a demonstrative video showing how my PoC works
in real time and also compiled a paper written in english,
properly translated; I decided to do that just to follow my friends
with the strong international scene (in the Hacking 9 for example).
I believe that wasn't waste of time... this feature has been
deprecated by some guys here in my country.

Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/446365596/defcon-post.zip
Note: She is beautiful (sighs :)

Whisper -> Have a nice reading... ( she is incredible ,)

I guess we must have some insurance in our lives... am I sure? So guys my
PoC basically pick out the following subjects: Server, port and number of
connection. And after that blocks the remote service. It reads parameters
from the command line in the shell (of course) and does the bewitchment for
you in ring 3.

Read more in:

The newer release of my exploit is priv8.