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Traveling Terabyte Project moving to Flash Drives

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  • Traveling Terabyte Project moving to Flash Drives

    As you can see by reading more on the latest news posts at the TTB page, we're going to try shifting the focus of the TTB to flash drives as opposed to hard drives.

    It's become too much hassle for service members in the field to keep track of (and, more importantly, return to the USA) the hard disk drives. I wanted to try out something that doesn't need to be sent home for a refresh.

    So, we're going to make an experimental run of flash drives instead. At 32GB in size, as long as i have over 30 of them in the field, we'll still technically be moving "terabytes" out to the men and women in uniform.

    Read more at the TTB site if you're interested... including details of the cool little waterproof semi-rugged drives we'll be using as well as the amazing true story of a fellow who met met up with me at Black Hat and went on to fund almost this entire phase of the project himself when he learned he'd be shipping out to Afghanistan shortly.

    I thank Jason Blackwell very much for his contribution and i thank everyone else who follows the details of the project and spreads the word.
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