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DEF CON 19 CFP is Open!

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  • DEF CON 19 CFP is Open!

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx x xx DEF CON 19, Las Vegas 2011
    xxxxxxxXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx x x August 4th - 7th, 2011
    xxxxxxXXXXXXxxxxx x x x The Rio Hotel and Casino
    xxxxxXXXXXXXXxxxxx xx x x Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    xxxxXXXXXXXXXXxxx x xxxxxxxx x
    xxxXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxx x
    xxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxx xx x Call for Papers Call for Papers
    xxxXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxx Call for Papers Call for Papers
    xxxxXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxx x x xx Call for Papers Call for Papers
    xxxxxXXXXXXXXxxxxxxx xxx xx x Call for Papers Call for Papers
    xxxxxxXXXXXXxxxxxxx x x x Call for Papers Call for Papers
    xxxxxxxXXXXxxxxxxxxxxx xx x x Call for Papers Call for Papers
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x Call for Papers Call for Papers

    More exciting than HBGary's email, world's #1 hacker expose or
    5up3r $ leak, it is time for the DEF CON Call for Papers to open!

    What: DEF CON 19 Call For Papers
    When: The Call for Papers will close on May 27th, 2011
    How: Complete the Call for Papers Form and send to talks at defcon dot org

    DEF CON will take place at the Rio in Las Vegas, NV, USA, August 4 - August 7th, 2011.

    NEW: Two suggested topic clusters

    DEF CON is a diverse conference from participants to content. DEF CON is all about thinking up cool and new ways to approach everything from the most complex modern technology to hacking grandma's toaster. Show us and the world what you have been up to and what cool projects, attack exploits or defensive techniques you have been working on.

    DEF CON doesn't have specific tracks but instead we cluster topics of similar interests. We might pair two talks back to back, "how to break it" followed by "how to fix it". It has worked out so well in the past we are doing it again this year.

    What are we looking for then, if we don't have tracks? We are looking for and give preference to: unique research, new tool releases, Ø-day attacks (with responsible disclosure), highly technical material, social commentaries, and ground breaking material of any kind. Want to screen a new hacking documentary or release research? Consider DEF CON.

    NEW: For DEF CON 19 I would like to call out a couple subject areas I will be looking to use as the center of clusters:

    - Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET). In light of the US Government's acknowledgement of "the freedom to connect" and the US State Department funding tools and technologies to help people communicate in repressive countries I would like to shine a light on emerging privacy strategies and technologies. What will help people organize and communicate safely, and what will get people killed if done wrong? Think Tor, stego, packet radio, portable metro wifi hotspots, ways to detect when your comms are being intercepted.

    - James Bond Man from U.N.C.L.E. type spy stuff. Does it seem your talk or demonstration belongs in a movie? This is the right spot for you. Remote display monitoring, building a duplicate key using a long range photo the original, EMP electronics zappers, recording and replaying video camera feeds Mission Impossible style, and RFID passport cloners all come to mind. Just because it has been done doesn't mean you can't improve on it, DEF CON style.

    Here is the long form, unchanged from years past: Subjects that we have traditionally covered in the past, and will continue to accept include: Trojan development, worms, malware, intelligent agents, protocol exploits, application security, web security, database hacking, privacy issues, criminal law, civil law, international law/treaties, prosecution perspectives, 802.11X, bluetooth, cellular telephony protocols, privacy, identity theft, identity creation, fraud, social implications of technology, media/film presentations, firmware hacking, hardware hacking, embedded systems hacking, smartcard technologies, credit card and financial instrument technologies, surveillance, counter-surveillance, UFO's, peer2peer technologies, reputation systems, copyright infringement and anti-copyright infringement enforcement technologies, critical infrastructure issues, cloud hacking, virtualization, physical security, social engineering, academic security research, PDA and cell phone security, EMP/HERF weaponry, TEMPEST technologies, corporate espionage, IDS evasion, access control systems.

    What a mouth full! Well you can't say we didn't give you some ideas. This list is not intended to limit possible topics, merely to give examples of topics that have interested us in the past, and is in fact the same list we used last year..

    Check out for last years conference presentations. If you want to learn from the past and get a complete list of topics that were accepted browse our archives here:

    Speaking Formats: Choose between Twelve Hundred Second Spotlight (20 minutes), 50 minutes, 110 minutes, 1/2 day Thursday. We are continuing the Twelve Hundred Second Spotlight, which is a shorter presentation (about twenty minutes) that doesn't warrant a full 50 or 110 minute talk. The Twelve Hundred Second Spotlight is designed for those who don't have enough material for a full talk, but still have a valuable contribution to make. This is to ensure that great ideas that can be presented quickly don't fall through the cracks merely because they didn't justify a full length talk. Examples include research, announcements, group presentations, projects needing volunteers or testers, requests for comments, updates on previously given talks, quick demonstrations. You get the idea. Presenters will get a speaker badge which entitles them to free admittance to DEF CON, but we will be unable to pay an Honorarium.

    Is 20 minutes too much time even? Maybe you should publish some commentary on our blog instead! Consider submitting your material for Speakers Corner, Speakers Corner houses DEF CON's Short stories, talk teasers, technical info and words of wisdom. If you think you might have something and 20 minutes is too much time for you to be on stage, then consider sending it to us anyway for an entry on the site. If you've got something you think we should share or promote, such as a new hacker space, collaborative project, or a DIY hardware hack "how to" then send it to us. This is the perfect venue for "hacker groups" (you know who you are, and the FBI has a nifty file with your name on it) discuss what you're up to, what your mission is, upcoming or past projects, and parties/conferences you are throwing. We want to hear about it and share in the shenanigans.

    To submit a speech:

    Complete the DEF CON 19 Call for Papers Form.

    We are going to continue increasing the quality of the talks by screening people and topics. I realize you guys are speaking for basically free, but some talks are better than others. Some people put in a bit more effort than others. I want to reward the people who do the work by making sure there is room for them.

    We will have two major rounds of speaker acceptance. In the first round we will fill about half of the schedule before the submission deadline, and the remaining half afterwards. This is to encourage people to submit as early as possible and allows attendees to plan on the topics that interest them. If you see the schedule on-line start to fill up, don't worry if you have not heard yay or nay yet, your paper may still be in review until the last submitted talk is reviewed.

    Barring a disaster of monstrous proportions, speaker selection will be completed no later June 10th. The sooner you submit the better chance you have of us give your presentation the full consideration it warrants. If you wait until the last minute to submit, you have less of a chance of being selected. Traditionally we get submissions in the triple digits on the last day, don't be that guy/gal, on average we end up accepting less than 10% of last minute submissions.

    After a completed CFP form is received, speakers will be contacted if there are any questions about their presentations. If your talk is accepted you can continue to modify and evolve it up until the last minute, but don't deviate from your accepted presentation. We will mail you reminders with information on deadlines for when we need your presentation, to be burnt on the CDROM, as well as information for the printed program. If you want to plan ahead these dates are also listed on the CFP Form.

    Speakers get in to the show free, get paid (AFTER they give a good presentation!), get a cool badge, and people like you more. Heck, most people find it is a great way to meet others or find other people interested in their topics. Speakers can opt to forgo their payment and instead receive two human badges that they can give to their friends, sell to strangers, or hold onto as timeless mementos. Receiving badges instead of checks has been a popular option for those insisting on maintaining their anonymity.

    Please visit: for previous conference archives, information, and speeches. Updated announcements will be posted to news groups, security mailing lists and this web site. for a look at all the events and contests being planned for DEF CON 19. Join in on the action. to upload all your past DEF CON pictures. We store the pictures so you don't have to worry about web space. If you have an account on the forums, you have an account here. Follow _defcon_ on twitter or check out the DEF CON Facebook Page to keep up to date with what's up at the con this year. for news and announcements surrounding DEF CON.
    CFP forms and questions should get mailed to: talks/at/

    - Dark Tangent
    PGP Key:

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    Re: DEF CON 19 CFP is Open!

    If you are not following @_defcon_ on twitter, you missed this announcement:

    _defcon_ DEFCON
    Originally posted by _defcon_
    #DEFCON 19 Site is live, and first batch of speakers posted! #fb
    Which means the [first] Defcon 19 page is up.
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      Re: DEF CON 19 CFP is Open!

      The CFP is long closed, but a list of speakers was announced on twitter, with a link:

      @_defcon_ on twitter
      Originally posted by _defcon_
      20 more talks have been posted! Check them out at
      If you don't follow @_defcon_ on twitter you miss out on announcements like this that nobody posts to the forums.