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    Re: Interesting writeup....

    Reading this dude/girls write-up makes me sad.

    The blaring question in my mind is what did this guy/girl do that makes them so much more 1337 than the rest of us.

    Also how can this person gauge knowledge of someone else by a brief interaction? If they have figured this out I'd love to see their method.

    I appreciate everyone who attends defcon as they are all unique people with something to contribute in some way. I personally wouldn't like to get to know anyone of this type. He/She seemed very negative about a lot of things and didn't really get the entire experience. Just from DC18 I met a new crew of people through Tamper Evident (DoJ included). I bumped into old friends, got to attend some pretty bad ass parties, attended 1 talk I think, had some fascinating discussions on everything from distributed password cracking research to some people who were really into bio-hacking. I got to pick some more locks and I got to hang out with a few more people. Watch one kid get blitzed drunk and make an ass out of himself doing karaoke. If that isn't enough I got maybe 3 hours of sleep in a given night and that one day of napping due to a very drunken night before.

    All in all this was my most enjoyable experience yet. DefCon is what you make it and its also over time the people you choose to surround yourself with. I have discovered that the drunk dude who you think is an absolute retard may in fact have written some tool you use every day. Also that dude who didn't fall down and worship Capt'n Crunch/Mitnick/insert your hacker icon here doesn't mean we don't know them. In some cases we may drink with them every day or perhaps we don't like one or all of them for various reasons. They are people just like you and I, they have done some cool stuff and they have done some not cool stuff.

    My final thought, this person didn't seem to have a very open mind to the experiences of the con. They seemed more interested in staying and doing things for free than simply being there. They also seemed to have had very high expectation of what DefCon is and some kind of opinion that everyone who is at defcon is some type of super leet haxor that can break into your bank account with mind powers.
    Originally posted by Ellen
    Do I wish we could all be like hexjunkie? Heck yes I do. :) That would rock.