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  • Broken Stuff from Think Geek is starting up a subscription for hackerspaces, geeks, nerds, crafters. Sign up and they will send you "stuff" they can't sell but probably still works, is fixable, or can be re-used, recycled, or re-purposed. Check out the blog post.

    Sounds like an AWESOME thing for the Hardware Hacking Village perhaps.
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    Re: Broken Stuff from Think Geek

    Good catch Eris, I brought it up with my local space.
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      Re: Broken Stuff from Think Geek

      Was just coming over to post this.

      Definitely a great opportunity for hardware hackers to get random things to re-purpose/repair or mod.

      You might even find some things that still mostly work. I bought a set of case lights from them and one of the tubes was broken, but not the other. (And the other worked just fine plugged in by itself).

      Now if only I lived closer to OH... (Though Thinkgeek will probably ship to groups who offers to pay shipping)
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