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Great place for security resources/knowledge?

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  • Great place for security resources/knowledge?

    We're a fairly reputable community here, having a collection of some of the most knowledgeable, least spammy/newbish membership, highly passionate security hobbyists and professionals.

    When I hit the defcon homepage, the resources area has links to what's mostly extended community, rather than knowledge-base, except for the "sites we like" area.

    My main concern is that the knowledge isn't centralized and isn't maintainable by the community in an easy way. How does everyone here feel about this? Would you be interested in a centralization project?

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    Re: Great place for security resources/knowledge?

    I think more than centralizing the data just needs to be searchable in a more domain specific manner. Google is great for research, but it also includes a lot of data we simple do not need to index (TV listings, movie reviews, etc). I built a small index of the BlackHat, Defcon, and Notacon archives using Lucene and Nutch for a class last semester. It wasn't a miracle or anything, but you always knew the results would be relevant to security in some manner or fashion. So if I need information about web service vulnerabilities, I can search the index for "web services" and get relevant security information instead of a million results from vendors trying to sell me a web service of some kind.