Just in case there are some folks following the Vendor News here instead of twitter I figured I'd provide a quick update.

I submitted what I believe to be the final floorplan for the vendor area to the Rio today and they will be geting fire marshal approval shortly. Once I have that I can approve more Vendors (now that I know how many tables I actually have).

We should have several more tables this year than last (I believe we ended up with 12 more than last year) and I have some new Vendors.

I tried to take the comments from the forums into account and get the type of vendors you guys wanted in there. There are still shirt vendors, but I think this year we have a lot more vendors selling other items.

Finally, assuming that I end up with more applications than tables (that pretty much happens every year) I am thinking about awarding the final table to whoever you guys choose in a poll on the forums. Not sure if that will end up happening but it seemed like a fun (and completely unscientific) way to get the one you guys most want in there.

I have been updating the vendor area status regularly on twitter so if you're interested in that shit follow me. The official defcon twitter (@_defcon_) typically retweets it so if you're following that one you are getting them anyway.