Somehow, the ingenuity of hackers won't be denied and year after year we keep seeing interesting and innovative contraptions at the B-triple-C contest. the rules remain the same from the past year...

room-temp cans of beer are brought outside, allowed to continue warming up as the day goes on, and teams are given beers which they crack open and pour through their device. the idea is to cool the beer as efficiently as possible, without making them too super foamy in the process. NEW RULE AS OF LAST YEAR: these contraptions should ideally be able to handle SUSTAINED INPUT FLOW of either multiple cans pouring one after the other or, theoretically, of a keg of beer shooting right into them.

target temp is 38 degrees F, or as close as you can come without either producing ice in the beer or freezing your flow lines. you can make as many trials as you wish (as long as our supply of beer lasts) and we simply measure: (A) how many degrees the beer drops in temp and (B) how quickly you can dispense a full serving.

scores are based around a Degree per Second rating. check out some previous results here.

full rules can be read here.

the contest always takes place at noon on Friday and has historically been situated in an outdoor area... the AP pools were perfect for this, and at the Riviera we moved around a bit before settling on a poolside location there, as well.

i'm hoping that we can do the same for DC 19. can anyone weigh in and tell me where on this map the "pool area" will be for us this year? i'm going to try to ensure that we can set up there.

more news to come soon, hopefully.