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  • b0n3z
    Re: layout, lanes, etc etc

    That sounds good Deviant and also answers my question I emailed to you, sorry for not looking here first.

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  • Deviant Ollam
    started a topic layout, lanes, etc etc

    layout, lanes, etc etc

    So here's the notion we've got for the Lovell Canyon shoot site this coming summer...

    ... as described in other posts elsewhere, there will be an "A" range and a "B" range under our purview. there will also be space unofficially designated as the "C" range, but it will not be controlled by the reg system, nor will lanes be officially marked or reserved. just about the only connection any folk down there will have with us is that we will demand that they observe the cease-fire times so that no weapon reports are audible when we're downrange and resetting targets.

    based on Merlin's measurements, it appears that the A range is about 40 yards wide and can reach back almost as much as 100 yards to the berm. the B range is considerably more varied... it's maybe 40 yards wide, but the distances to the berm differ a lot, at times being suited more to pistol action.

    the notion i have for lanes is that they should be about 4ΒΌ feet wide. that would make about 26 or 27 spaces on the A range and either 16 or 17 spaces on the B range.

    each hour long shift on the ranges will also involve 9 lanes allotted for volunteer staff who are getting free access as thanks for their efforts. so that leaves 33 lanes for each hour of the shoot. or, in total, 66 spaces for lane rentals.

    i'll be coming up with a system soon (hopefully) that will be able to process reservations, etc. please understand that individuals and their access are to be controlled by registration badges. these are separate from lane reservations.

    i'm trying to keep costs as low as possible, but it appears that there may be some significant overhead, as i want to provide as much canopy cover against the sun and as many tables and whatnot as are practical within budget. loads of free water, eye and ears for those who don't have them, not to mention all the orange and yellow attire for staff... i have to cover it somehow.

    hopefully people are ok with how this seems to be shaping up. i look forward to suggestions and comments.