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Rules on steel targets?

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  • Rules on steel targets?

    I have a steel target from lvsteeltargets that I would bring if allowed (mounts on a 2x2). I am also thinking about buying a race tree from him which should be a lot of fun, and we could make a game out of it.

    Is there any issue with shooting steel? Would rifle calibers not be allowed? hollow point only? Minimum distance?

    I'm probably fine with any rules that anyone makes, I just don't want to lug it there or buy a race tree to find out I cant use it.


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    Re: Rules on steel targets?

    Whatever we shoot we clean up. I prefer to bring Oreo cookies. They are dark enough to stand out against the background, when you shoot them there is nothing left, if anything is left it makes free food for the critters, or bail for new moving targets, depending on your viewpoint.


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      Re: Rules on steel targets?

      No argument on that point, I wont be leaving the steel i paid over $100 for, and the few pieces of 2x2 wont be an issue either.


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        Re: Rules on steel targets?

        i don't have any problem with steel targets, as long as no one engages them at distances closer than 25' or so.

        all people present, whether shooting or observing or otherwise, should be wearing eyes and ears at all times the lanes are hot... so i don't think ricochets are a big risk. however, if we receive reports of fragments and such that are clipping people or whizzing by, i may ask shooters to move the steel further back, angle it downward, or possibly stop using it if things seem unsafe.
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          Re: Rules on steel targets?

          If you're bringing steel, caliber and round choices are going to make a significant change in ricochet and damage to you steel. In addition to the management from range staff, the owner of the steel should be knowledgeable as to what is acceptable to strike it with.

          I've seen steel take 5.56 with no issue, only to be damaged later by tiny .17hmr rounds.


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            Re: Rules on steel targets?

            Of lets get it out of the way:


            Tracer rounds (yes, no)
            Green Tips (yes, no)
            Black Tips (yes, no)
            Incendiary Rounds (yes, no)



            Rental cars (yes,no) ;-)

            Since the size of the shoot has increased rules should be spelled out. (yes, no)

            While common sense should apply, lets be adult about it and just say some don't have any.

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