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  • When Space Elephants Attack!

    Hello All!

    I am extremely excited to have the oppurtunity to organize a competition for my fellow database geeks. To describe it simply, this is a multiplayer space battle game played purely in a (PostgreSQL) database environment. The Schemaverse is something I have been working on for about a year and a half now and testing has shown it is actually a pretty addictive game. Admittedly, most people who have seen it have all said the same thing, "It's way too complicated" but, this is DEFCON, there is no "too complicated" only "ooooo puzzle :D"

    If you think this sounds interesting, I really suggest you take the time to look over my documentation and, once the server is up this weekend, start to play around and plan your attack. The more preperation you do before DEFCON for this challange, the more likely you will be able to sit back and watch your player take first place.

    Where can you learn more
    I have started to create a large PDF which will contain most of the details you will need to start playing. It is pretty complete at this point but it does leave out some pieces here and there. You can download the latest guide version from:

    We also have a wiki on github but the guide above will be more tailored to the slightly customized Schemaverse DEFCON Tournament Schema.

    Of course, if you have any questions at all please feel free to post them here too. I am not going to give away great strategy but I will certainly answer any technical questions you may have.

    Tournament Format
    The tournament will be a three day event, starting on Thursday at noon and ending Sunday at noon.

    Registration will take place at our booth in the contest area. You can register at any time but the earlier you start the more likely you are to win.

    The winner will be the player who, according to the state of the database at noon Sunday, has the most conquered planets. Assuming I can get my hands on some other prizes, I will have other awards too. I will worry about this a little later in the month though.

    Speaking of prizes, what would you like to see as far as prizes go? This is the first competition I have held so I am definitely open to suggestions.