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  • First time CTF Questions

    Hello All,

    I'm a college student in the university of Colorado system. This year our school decided to run a CTF contest modeled off of the DEFCON CTF. So we've already assembled a team and pooled what knowledge we have and were wondering what were some good resources to have for a CTF competition. If possible it would also be nice to know some strategies that people have used and what we should expect.

    Our group experience is:
    2 people with a good understanding of OS construction and use as well as a team familiarity with Linux.
    1 person with x86 and x64 programming experience.
    1 person with networking experience, though no networking attacking experience.
    1 person with advanced web development experiences and team familiarity with JavaScript, PHP and SQL
    Team knowledge of Java C Python and Lisp with a little ruby experience.

    Any help/ pearls of wisdom would be much appreciated.

    I am sorry if this was posted in the wrong place
    The future refused to change