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Anyone driving through cleveland? How bout floor space?

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  • Anyone driving through cleveland? How bout floor space?

    Hi, looking to see if I can score a seat in someone's vehicle if they're driving through Cleveland. Obviously willing to chip in on gas, and willing to drive. I have a valid license, am insured, have a clean driving record and have a bladder of iron. I am used to and enjoy long cross country drives and take speed limits as suggestions if encouraged. Likewise, I enjoy either sharing stories or just shutting the fuck up and driving. I plan on bringing minimal luggage, basically a small suitcase and a small laptop bag.

    Also looking for a bed or couch space space somewhere nearby to the Rio. For the record, I'm 33 (yikes), enjoy showers, am a non-smoker (but don't really care), and fairly responsible (I run Notacon here in Cleveland if you care). Just trying to pull this off as cheaply as possible as I am currently between jobs, as they say.