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Some friendly pre-DEFCON competition

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  • Some friendly pre-DEFCON competition

    Since The Schemaverse DEFCON Tournament doesn't really have any qualifying rounds, I wanted to still have some fun competition leading up to DEFCON 19. So, starting today there are four more 3-day rounds to be played before DEFCON. Whoever can win the most of a trophy gets a SWEET button to show off.

    Here are the trophies you are fighting for:
    Schema Supremacy: You win :D
    Planet Pillager: Most fuel mined from planets
    First Blood: First attack of the round
    The Environmentalist: Screw fuel. Who needs it? Not this guy
    The Goon: You might get picked on after winning this trophy.
    The Peacekeeper: Maybe you should invest in defense.. or maybe you did already..
    Greatest Empire: Well done slugger
    Size Matters: Those are some serious upgrades you got there

    If you want to know more about any of these trophies (like how to actually win them), just run
    SELECT * FROM trophy;
    And what will these buttons look like? Here is a sneak peak at a couple designs:

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    Re: Some friendly pre-DEFCON competition

    I just received the buttons today and I must say they are pretty awesome looking. I know I sure would want to win one ;)

    Two more rounds to go before DEFCON 19 which means two more chances to get your name on one of the many button based trophies up for grabs.