We're going to do signups onsite starting on thursday. It will be low tech (we'll have some sheets of paper you can put your name on and get the times you'll be playing). You can sign up as an individual or a few ppl or a whole team. If you're an individual, we'll just put you on a random team who needs players. Since a team consists of 6 TF2 players and some random number of hackers, it's unlikely many "full teams" will sign up. We expect most sign-ups will be individuals.

Right now, we're planning on running the whole tourney on saturday with 8 teams. That said, if there's enough interest on thursday, we may allow more teams in and start the tourney on friday. We're playing that by ear.

Also, when the tourney isn't on, we will have TF2 freeplay.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Vegas.