Hi folks,

You may have heard by now that I spent the last month in the hospital getting poked and prodded. Needless to say, this has had a rather negative effect on my ability to work with the crew here planning and executing our traditional DEFCON event, along with the Ninja badge.

We're going to have to cancel our 2011 event, and our badge, redirecting efforts into the large 2012 event for DEFCON 20. The badge technology we were designing this year will carry forward.

So, no Ninja Party this year.

We appreciate everyone's support, and are looking forward to concluding the most ambitious badge and event effort we've ever attempted - next year at DEFCON 20.

Q: Is this a 'fight club' thing? Like, is there really a Ninja Party?

A: I swear to god it is not. There is no Ninja Party this year. Not a trick/gag/test/etc.

Q: I heard the Ninjas rented a castle or something and are throwing a party.

A: The Ninjas did rent some sort of weird castle thing, but there is NOT A NINJA PARTY THERE.

Q: I heard there is really a Ninja Badge and a Ninja Party but it's super sekret and this is a misinformation campaign.

A: There really, really, really is not. It's not a secret or a test or anything. Any rumors to the contrary are just rumors.