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  • Queercon Observations

    1.) Huge kudos to tprophet and the brink for putting together such a fantastic queercon! I met so many fascinating people at the event and at the mixers that I am still in awe. I love meeting other people but this group was an international best of the best. Thanks very much guys for all of the work that you put into this. Hope to see you next year.

    2.) Just as in #1, I will (and hope others will) attempt to keep important info sync'd between the forums and the facebook group. After some obvious area for improvement this year and my own foolishness forgetting that some people have no desire what-so-ever to be on facebook, let's copy/paste important stuff into the queercon thread for next year. These events (party and mixers) are so awesome, I know I want to personally make sure that all of us that want the info, get a chance to see it.

    3.) For a group that stereotypically doesn't like labels, we should get creative next year and find a way for new folks to identify us from others who happen to just be in the same area.

    4.) See #1, yeah just have to end on that note!! You guys ROCK!!

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    Re: Queercon Observations

    I just put the recording of my set from Queercon up on the Facebook page. I think there are restrictions on posting links on the forums here, but you're all hackers. Even if you don't use FB, I am highly confident that you can find the set on my blogspot.

    Thanks for having me. As always, it was one of the high points of my week in Vegas ...