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  • Deviant Ollam
    Re: Future of the GeoChallenge

    what is the chance you would be able to turn this into a pre-DEFCON event that folk could do if they're in town early? like Weds/Thurs?

    that allows people to get around the city a lot more, prevents hassles from security (you could actually put caches in cool places outside of the casino district... even work with local businesses who will want to encourage people stopping by, etc.

    thus, when people show up on Friday you could actually be ending the contest. no one says that people couldn't solve it all by 5 PM on Friday if they arrived that morning, but it's a much cooler task for people who had a few days to see the city beforehand.

    with the right prizes and support this would be an epic contest and will still draw people. and the coolest part is that you encourage folk to see much more of the city than they normally would during a DEFCON.

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    started a topic Future of the GeoChallenge

    Future of the GeoChallenge

    So, the contest took some turns away from the original vision. Hotel security concerns greatly decreased the number of geocaches I was able to offer and turned the contest into more of a puzzle solving contest than a geocaching event.

    The reverse geochallenge boxes that I created remain unused at this point also due to security concerns. Which was a disappointment after the amount of time, effort, & cash it took to create them.

    My entire convention as well as my friends first Defcon were completely consumed. The number of contestants playing and the fact that I kept the booth open later than originally planned prevented us from doing almost anything at all.

    I'm stuck with the task of altering the event now to conform to security concerns at the hotel or the alternative being to discontinue the contest after only 2 years.

    So I would like some feedback from those who participated in the GeoChallenge, alot of positive things were said at the booth, I'd like to know where people think I should take the event.