If you would like to play the contest post-defcon (no prizes, sorry) feel free to visit http://forensicscontest.com/2011/08/...on-defcon-2011

We had a great time running the contest at DC19! We have learned a lot in the first two years of running the NFPC at Defcon and already have a lot planned for DC20. Be sure to visit http://forensicscontest.com/ throughout the year for on-line challenges and prepare yourself for DC20. See you there!

Top Ten Finalists at DEFCON 19:
1. 5154c (Winner of Verizon Femtocell!)
2. C2 eye (Winner of $150 ThinkGeek gift certificate!)
3. Barnhaus Crew
4. ArchMage
6. Team Cheese
7. 8008
8. Team Moosey Fate
9. Chippendales
10. Kyle Bragle