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dc501 Meet (Def Con 19 Redux)

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  • dc501 Meet (Def Con 19 Redux)

    Our next meeting is at 1900 on Thursday, the 25th of August, at Pizza Hut in Maumelle. As usual, this is open to the public, and everyone is welcome!

    We will have a presentation by each of the the attendees of this year's Def Con entitled 'What, (if Anything), I Learned & Actually Remember From Def Con 19.'

    Also, we will shortly enter our fall events calendar, and a number of things are already on it; you can bet there will be lock picking, tamper-evident devices, Arduinos, contests and social mixers!

    Pizza Hut Maumelle
    301 Millwood Road
    Maumelle, AR
    (501) 228-7000
    The f*ck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon? - chs