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    Re: Re: Re: HAHAHA

    Originally posted by mfreeck
    What I see being put forth here is that by "borrowing" someone's bandwidth, you are taking something from them. In reality, unless they are metered, it doesn't affect them, and they won't notice you are using a bit of their bandwidth.

    Also, I'd say most wardrivers *have* their own net at home. It's fun to sit out and use someone else's net... until it's time to find a bathroom. ;)
    Unfortunately the usg doesn't see it being similar... in fact there are laws that have been made to prevent such things as theft of services... it is only a matter of time before wardriving moves from gray to jet black... right now it is just about the fun.

    I get quite a few emails daily from other users on other boards asking with help on how to get phree access so they can browse the net at lunch using either their corporate ap's, or using ap's across the street, or nearby their area where they sit in their cars for lunch.

    As usual it isn't the true geek/hacker/technologist that is doing this abuse, it is those who only do minimal effort to learn something... new terms: WarKiddie, WiFiKiddie... they always ruin it for everyone else.. :(


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      Yea, it's not like access is really expensive. Get all your neighbors together and buy your own T-1!