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    URL1=Picking Locks and Hacking Servers at Defcon Somini Sengupta, August 6, 2011, 6:27 pm

    Originally posted by URL1
    Capture the Flag began around midday on Friday and was scheduled to wrap 48 hours later. A team came from Japan, called Stutegoma2, after a tactic in the chesslike game called Shoge; they made it to the finals after six attempts and came prepared with a variety of Japanese savories and sweets, all spread out like flowers on their tables. A team made up of Belgians, French and Swiss was distinguished by the packs of cigarettes on their table and a sign that read “No photos please” (oh, that privacy bugaboo that Europeans have).

    Mr. Vigna said his team...

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    Re: CTF in the news, blogs

    URL1=Web Site Ranks Hacks and Bestows Bragging Rights
    Originally posted by URL1
    RankMyHack seems to take a page from competitions like Capture the Flag that attract some of the world’s most skilled hackers. In that game, competing teams defend their computers from attack while trying to steal a piece of data from or plant data on another team’s computer. Organizers verify hacks and declare winners.

    At Def Con, no real damage is done and a strong performance can cement a reputation — and attract job offers. But RankMyHack, which celebrates and some say incites illegal hacking, could hurt Solar’s prospects for a career path that requires trust.
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