Team (I) DC 8015 - Venezuela, hiso present at the event held in the district capital of Venezuela in the event's largest electronic security companies, physics, telecommunications and training.

We shared an enjoyable evening with many old and new companies showcased their most innovative products and services in each of their areas.

The two products that I draw more attention were fog generators for the detection of intruders ( and a conversation with a Venezuelan company that develops biometric systems of identification, in this conversation we talk about a project that had arisen I deem a U.S. intelligence agency . conserniente States that allowed software to identify if someone was behind Usme or watching the monitor of our computer station to get information or spy on what we do, the software analyzes the people who could monitor and display the information, which was not authorized and secretly wanted to see the program automatically detect and close the image indicating that there was an intruder around such ..... ..... INTERESTING!!

This was all for tonight guys ...