Greetings -

Our performer application is now open. This application will strictly close out on April 30th, 2012 at 12:00am Central US Time. This gives you roughly 2 months to fill out the application. I would suggest taking care of it as soon as you read this so you don't forget. The directions are below, but I'd like to raise some additional points:

- It's not easy for me to say this, but please do not assume that a booking in previous years means you are grandfathered in for a guaranteed slot. This can definitely factor into our decision making if you've been a con favorite and/or have been playing practically every single year over the last decade. That said: We have a little less breathing room for the # of avail slots this year in particular.

- The flipside to the above comment: If you've applied in the past and didn't make it in, please still consider applying again. Every year there are apps that I really liked, but I just simply didn't have enough spots to be able to accept.

- We actually have a fair amount of breathing room for chilled music this year. It looks like we will have a 24-hr dedicated chill-out space this year. I would like to strongly encourage applicants who play chiller stuff (be it ambient, trip-hop, and even/especially non-electronic/acoustic acts) to apply!

- Generally: Unless you've headlined in the past at Ultra, Coachella, or Fuji Rock fest, I have a low tolerance for diva-ism. Certain things I can understand: being picky about how your artist name is presented, press photos used, etc. I have specifically tailored the application to accommodate such points.

- This application is really meant for folks who are either planning on attending def-con anyways or want to come out for a fun time and to experience the con with the benefit of exposure opportunities.

- Finally, feel free to PM me on the forums with questions. I'm generally pretty good about responding in a timely manner, but feel free to re-ping if a few days pass.


Here is a copy of the directions:

READ THIS CAREFULLY: This is the application form to perform at DEF-CON 20, July 26th-29th at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Failure to appropriately answer questions may result in your application being discarded. If you mess up your application, feel free to apply again and be sure to fill out EVERYTHING again. We will only look at the most recent application if an entry is duplicate, and discard it if it is not fully filled out.

Please take note of the following:
- All acts will receive 2 free conference passes per person involved with the act
- up to a reasonable amount determined by us. (e.g. an act of two will get 4 passes, we'll probably have to take an act of 3 or more under consideration).
- We do not cover travel+hotel
- We do not monetarily compensate acts that are booked through this application

That said, DEF-CON can be an excellent promotion opportunity as the conference has a typical attendance of well over 10,000 people each year

- It is STRONGLY suggested you fill out the optional questions. These questions are mainly for gathering promotional information we can use down the line about you. You will NOT be able to add this information in later if you leave it out.

- MORE information is better than less - Read the descriptions for the questions - some contain specific directions.

** We are keen to book a good number of chill/downtempo-music acts this year for our chill-out lounge, so don't feel like this form's not for you if you don't play energetic/danceable stuff!