If you're interested in helping out in the village, go ahead and send me a PM. I am looking for people who are interesting in presenting and or demonstrating what they have been doing in the RF spectrum and sharing that information with others. As long as it involves the RF spectrum I'm interested.

So of the areas that people have expressed an interest in are:

Satellite equipment
Automobile key fob hacks/cloning
Garage door openers

For the most part volunteering consists of committing to a specific time slot during which you will be in the village to do your presentation/demonstration and discuss and answer questions.

With that said, friendly folks with knowledge of wireless are always welcome to hang out and lend a helping hand to fellow patrons of the village. This is a community effort, and this makes all the difference in the world. If you are interested in helping out, DM me at da (dot) dakahuna (at) gmail (dot) com.