So you think you can code, eh? And you think you can drink? How successful would you be doing both at the same time, IF you were also being distracted by beautiful geeks of your preferred gender, AND while racing against a couple t-totalers, huh?

LET'S FIND OUT! It's time to start talking about Crash And Compile: DC20!

Assuming Tangent hasn't banned me from the event for making off with his Über badge a couple years ago, and Pyr0 hasn't remembered about the $20 I still owe him (*), chances are that we'll be back again this year. ;-)

TO BE CLEAR: I AM NOT TAKING SIGN UPS YET. That will happen closer to the event.

The Teams:
- 8 Compeating teams of one or two contestants each.
- 1 Sober team, Team Control Group
- 1 Team Distraction

The Rules:
- The 9 Programming teams get an ACM Programming Contest style programming challenge and have 45 minutes to get the correct output.
- If it doesn't compile, take a drink.
- If it compiles but doesn't run, take a drink.
- If it runs but doesn't produce the right output, take a drink.
Lather, rinse, repeat until you can't see the terminal anymore (looking at you, Psychoholics and Fuck PBR) or until they kick us out at the end of the night. Typically, we get about 4 or 5 programs in.

Scoring is as follows:
- The first team to get the correct output gets 3 points, everyone else takes a drink.
- The second team gets 2 points, everyone still programming takes a drink.
- The third team gets 1 point, everyone still programming is probably drunk already, but they still take a drink.
- If any Competing team finishes before Team Control Group, they get 1 extra point, and everyone still working gets an extra drink. (Unfortunately, by their vary nature, TCG doesn't get scored.)
- Any unclaimed points at the end of the 45 minute round go to Team Distraction.

Details to still be determined: How much it'll cost to enter. I'm not here to make any money, but I'm also not going to finance your drinking problem for the night. Entry fees will be to (almost) cover the costs of the event, and no more. Historically, it's been on the order of $20 to $40 per person, but this number depends heavily on several other things that haven't been determined yet. I'll provide more details later.

Any questions? Hit me. I'm looking forward to this again! \m/, >_<

(*) Actually, he technically owes me, but I'm not holding it against him or anything. ;-)