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I've decided that the Short story contest will return this year, but it will be my last year of running it. If this contest will continue, I want to turn it over to a new leader, perhaps one of this years volunteer judges will be interested. I don't want to just Kill it by quitting, I want to see it grow into a bigger and better thing every year and I have a lot of other DEF CON responsibility that prevent me from investing in making this "cooler".

If you are interested in judging for the contest please contact me at nikita at defcon dot org.
Will the same judges from last year be around this year? Add them all as "Forum Leader(s)/Organizer(s)" again?
(Any people that were not forum leaders/organizers before would need to be passed to mods for comment before being added.)

You can follow me on twitter at Niki7a if you want to, If this seems an exciting method of communication then maybe I will make a short story contest twitter account...do people want that?
I really encourage people to setup twitter accounts for contests, events or social gatherings when there is any kind of risk for last-minute changes in venue, schedule, requests for resources, etc. If this will be concluded before Defcon, then the value of a twitter account to inform people at Defcon of last minute changes is diminished. Maybe you or someone else has another reason for a dedicated twitter account... generate interest? notifications on deadlines?