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  • DaKahuna
    Re: Homebrew Antenna Contest

    Originally posted by kingtuna View Post
    I am really looking forward to this contest. I hope it works out. I would love to see some group submissions from different hacker spaces too!
    You and me both. I am spreading the word to everyone I talk to here at CarolinaCon. HacDC and a hacker space from Charlotte both seem interested.

    Ronin also talked to me about giving out some high gain antenna's as prizes and about having a contest to see how far we could do Bluetooth like was done a few years back with 802.11

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  • kingtuna
    Re: Homebrew Antenna Contest

    I am really looking forward to this contest. I hope it works out. I would love to see some group submissions from different hacker spaces too!

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  • DaKahuna
    started a topic Homebrew Antenna Contest

    Homebrew Antenna Contest

    As part of this years Wireless Village, Hackmiami will be hosting a contest for the upcoming DEFCON XX in Las Vegas, Nevada. The contest will be held in advance of the event and the prizes will be presented on Sunday, July 29th in the Wireless Village.

    Contest specifics are:

    Submit a homemade 2.4GHz WiFi band (2401-2483MHz) for performance testing.

    Your antenna can be omni directional (radiates 360 degrees, usually a whip or rod radiator, monopole or dipole)

    The antenna can be directional (radiates in one direction or multiple beamed directions, usually a patch, Yagi, Log Periodic, Conical, corner reflector or parabolic)

    You antenna will be tested using a 6" feedline terminated with SMA male or female, RP or standard.

    Any antenna submitted with N type male or female will be set up using an adapter. If antenna arrives with any other connector type, it may be cut off and replaced with an SMA. Sender will be contacted.

    Antenna maximum length in any direction is 45"
    Antenna maximum weight is 15 Lbs

    Omni directional antennas will be tested for elevation and azimuth-360.
    Directional antennas will be tested for azimuth pattern and elevation pattern.
    All antennas are tested for SWR/Return-Loss in the desired frequency range.
    The SWR will be required under 2:1 ratio or equivalent RL.

    Grading of antennas will be based on:

    1. peak gain in the wanted direction.
    A. omni-directional: at the horizon, and 360 degrees.
    B Directional: Forward gain
    C. SWR or R/L across the band.
    D. Originality, uniqueness.
    E. Gain performance to size and weight

    All entrants are considered for commercial production feasibility and presented for factory production to interested parties, and profit share.

    Submissions will open on May 11th - close on July 1st

    Antennas to be shipped well packed to:

    Trugain Antenna Lab 9500 NW 12 ST #3
    Doral FL 33172.

    Antennas will be returned within a week, post paid. (we pay the UPS back to sender)

    The winner will receive a $200 Gift Card.