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  • seeess
    Re: rental almost locked in

    I'm already excited

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  • Deviant Ollam
    started a topic rental almost locked in

    rental almost locked in

    just to keep folk all in the loop about everything and to be open about all numbers, i wanted to let people know how things are looking...

    i've got things just about locked in with RSVP, the same company we went with last year. the plan is for 5 tent canopies on the line, making for 10 shooting lanes. one more tent will round out the firing line with a staff area.

    i expect i will augment the line with one or two more tables, for folk who didn't register on time but want a lane. (we will flex this number as the date draws nearer)

    each shooting lane tent will have its own table, as before. there will also be a chillout/cooloff tent as well as a logistics/ops tent with a table. in the past this was also the "Shoot Shop" but i don't think i'll be doing that again, given the absolute bath i took on ammo last summer.

    so, 8 tents, 10 tables, and 50 chairs rounds out our current rental plans. this will hit me for about a grand, all told.

    we currently have approximately 40 registrations thus far... a mix of people and lanes. (most folk are "standard" reg)

    so, i've covered basically $800 of the $1000 cost involved. naturally, i think we'll be able to make up the rest before late July. if we get more registrants, etc, then i'll of course invest any overages in additional lanes, tables, and so forth.

    as always, i'm not trying to make money on this... additional funds (if there are any even after augmenting the rental) will go toward eyes, ears, water, snacks, shipping, etc.

    i truly hope that by adding in the Wednesday session i'll be able to break even, or better. thank you to all who have registered thus far. if we get 10 more folk (or lanes, or a combination of the two) i'll be able to actually make up for what is on my card come the next billing cycle.