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HackBus at Defcon 20

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  • HackBus at Defcon 20

    You may have noticed the complete radio silence from us. For the most part, it is so that we did not attract too much attention; the bus has been at capacity since January.

    If you have been on our Facebook page recently, you have noticed we have a new generator taking shape. Last year we had AC until the generator died on the way to Defcon, the AC should be nearly perfect this year; I say nearly perfect since we will be getting a 4th AC unit for next year.

    We are scheduled to take people to the Defcon Shoot and the Toxic BBQ, no reservation required. For the main trip from the SF bay area though, we are at capacity at the present time; I will make an announcement in the event a spot opens up.
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    Re: HackBus at Defcon 20

    What is the facebook page address?
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      Re: HackBus at Defcon 20

      Originally posted by Dark Tangent View Post
      What is the facebook page address?
      It is in the forum description provided by one or more organizers for this forum, but added here, too with all of the other included links:

      Originally posted by description
      The Hackbus is the most entertaining method of going to Defcon from the SF bay area. It also carries passengers to the Defcon Shoot and the Toxic BBQ. (Information Site), (Image Site), (Twitter), (Facebook), (Blog(external link))